College teams playing overseas?

There is an article on about college teams going overseas and the advantages it gives (get 10 extra practices, develop a depth chart), why don’t the '9ers look at doing anything like this? Lack of funding? Kids taking classes in the summer? I know Davidson has done it before and this article talks about Xavier, Kentucky and Kansas doing it.

Don’t know that I would consider British Columbia (the Kansas trip), Mexico (the Kentucky trip, which, BTW, was cancelled), or The Bahamas (the Xavier trip) overseas, but it is an intriguing idea.

I do recall Davidson doing it, as well as Duke. South Carolina is going north of the border this year.

We’re going to Canada this year. The big issue about where you go has to do with the NCAA not letting the student-athletes miss any classes on this trip. Therefore, schools like Duke, who take a week off from class for fall break, can go to Europe, while schools like Charlotte, that take only two days off for fall break, will have to travel to much closer locations.