Commericals before previews at the movies

As I stated in anther post, I went and say Bourne Supremacy last night and as I’m waiting for the previews(which I love) I have to endure at least 5 commercials.
WHAT THE HELL AM I PAYING $7.50 FOR IF I AM FORCED TO WATCH COMMERCIALS. Does the stuntmant really expect me to feel sorry that people are downloading his movie off the internet for free when the bastard is making me watch all these commercials and I’m still paying $7.50 for a ticket???

You want to make me watch commercials befor a movie fine, but the millions in revenue those commercials are generating better damn well be subsidising some of the cost of my movie ticket. $4 or $5 for a ticket, you can show me a commercial, $7.50 not so much.

This is ridiculous and I want to know who I can talk to about it.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Have you seen I,Robot??
The entire movie is a commercial!

In defense of the theaters, they make VERY little money directly from the films themselves (ticket sales). This is primarily why concessions are ridiculously priced. I’m assuming that showing all the commercials is strictly a business decisions so that the theaters can actually bring in more revenue that goes to them and not the film industry.

I don’t mind the ads so much, but then again, I’m good for about 2 or 3 movies a year. Takes a lot to get me to a theater due to the environment and lack of quality films. I got no problem waiting a few months for the comfort of living room and a $4 rental. Not to mention, I can buy four 2-liters of Coke for the price of a small drink at the cinema.

It’s really no different than paying $50 or more for a ticket to a sporting event and having to see the advertising all around the stadiums and the sponsorships.

You better just get used to it because it is going to get worse. The days of companies spending the majority of their budget on prime time national television is over with the hundreds of channels on cable and satellite, not to mention TIVO. Companies are looking for alternative places to advertise and this will only get more popular.