Commit Alert: 2017 QB Nick Tronti

[quote=“dmastinsc, post:152, topic:30392”]The moral superiority by some over this kid changing his mind is ridiculous, especially those with profanity laced responses. Hard to believe some have that narrow of a perspective, or worse, can be made that upset by it.

I wish my life provided the room to be that upset over losing a recruit![/quote]

“Moral superiority”? Thanks. It’s what keeps society from flying apart into chaos.

“Narrow perspective”? Yes it’s called principles and ethics. Pretty narrow. 2 words. Important words. Look them up to widen your narrow ethics and principles.

Can anyone confirm if Tyrhee Pratt enrolled in January as planned?

If so…losing Tronti won’t sting as much.
Pratt was the dual threat QB that signed here last year after committing to WV.

If he didn’t have to go D2 or JUCO…and enrolled in January…we’re in good shape at QB depth.

size=2 NLP: JB Can anyone confirm if Tyrhee Pratt enrolled in January as planned?[/size]
size=2[font=Verdana] [/font][font=Verdana]JB: He’s not in there[/font][/size]

[quote=“NLP, post:163, topic:30392”]size=1em NLP: JB Can anyone confirm if Tyrhee Pratt enrolled in January as planned?[/size]
size=1em[font=verdana]JB: He’s not in there[/font][/size][/quote]“There” being the student directory.

I was with an ECU alum the past few days at a meeting and they were high on the QB that switch to us. One reason he switch is ECU is recruiting a 4 star QB from Greenville that will be a senior in high school next year and it seems they may have the inside track on him.

Aforementioned QB’s dad is the PA guy for ECU athletics.

clt says tronti will end up with kiffin at fau

Funny how these things work out. Sounds like Tronti will 3rd on their depth chart at best.

If Tronti had come here, he would have been all but guaranteed to start last year. Somebody should tweet that article at Tronti’s High school coach, who, IIRC was openly pimping him even after his commitment here. How has that worked out for his player?

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He must like riding the pine (well, now-a-days the aluminum).

If he is 3rd string at best for fau, not sure he would have done well here either.

Fau is kind of a special situation. Not many g5s are getting multiple highly rated qbs from football factories transferring in.

I disagree. Tronti fits the system better than Miami’s third string, USF’s third string and the walk on. He’s also likely better than A and T’s old third stringer who beat FAU last year.

Was Tronti IUs 3rd or 4th string QB? Just want to put things in perspective if we’re throwing shade. I don’t think he starts here last year in a pro style system until Reynolds goes down.

If you mean stylistically I think Kean and Tronti are similar.