Concord-area Niners re: St. Bona

A last minute notice… there will be a group of Niners at Joe’s Sports Bar (next to the YMCA at exit 54) for the Bona game today. If we have enough people there, we may be able to get the big screen and audio over the Saints-Steelers game… majority rules.

At the very least, we’ll have it on a few tv’s… same as you’ll see at Picasso’s or Wild Wing. I’d love to get a crew out there, maybe gain some respect for our fan base at the bar… and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to make it another place to watch games in the future.

I can’t promise anything, but the more people we can get the better our viewing and hearing opportunities are, and the better a message we can send to Joe for future games.

I’d have planned this a lot earlier, but Joe asked me to work 6-close instead of 4-12 tonight. I was going to just watch what I could on a corner TV somewhere.

thats like 5 min from my house, I might show up

I’ll be there for the first half.

Dang, wish I didn’t have to work otherwise I would have been there. But now i’m glad I missed it.

Had a pretty decent crowd, about 15 of us… there was another guy that had been at the bar that came over around the 2nd OT.

I hate that we had to cut audio out shortly after halftime, but evidently enough people had congregated around the bar to warrant switching it.

Thanks to everybody that came out!