Conference Realignment (Part 2)

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Yes! Relegation!

The 22-slide PowerPoint, obtained and reviewed by Front Office Sports, has been shared with athletic directors in and outside of the conference, as well as with Mountain West Commissioner Gloria Nevarez.

Walsh suggests the Mountain West and Pac-12, as well as regional teams from the AAC, Conference USA, or WAC, could participate. All other sports, including men’s basketball, would remain in their current conferences in order to “maximize” the opportunity for NCAA postseason automatic qualifiers.

I don’t like that it creates a division of play below D1A. No matter what you call it.

If we could get the P5 leagues to agree to do it too, I’d be on board.

We are Charlotte fans. Based on our last 20 years, relegation might not be good for us :joy:

It’s true but it would give our seasons something interesting to consider.

if they do it I hope they adopt the bundesliga model of promotion and relegation instead of the epl model.

No thanks.

Couldn’t help noticing the silliness of the former PAC12 snobbery - e.g.

Oregon # 98
SDSU #105