Conference Realignment


[quote=“Run49er, post:2200, topic:23766”]College of Charleston to the Colonial, though I haven’t seen a definite date for this to happen. Apparently Davidson decided to stay put in the SoCon and won’t join CofC in the CAA.[/quote]poor decision for CoC. With Davidson, it might have been a conference that could get 2 bids in a good year. All they did was go from one one bid conference to another while increasing travel costs.


Perhaps they’re entertaining adding football.

Even if they are not, the Colonial is usually top 15 RPI for basketball, while the SoCon is top 25. The Colonial has a better chance at 2 bids.


Davidson doesn’t want to play better competition in conference play. They have it made in SoCon.


CAA > SoCon. Much better. Davidson would no longer be a small fish in a small pond containing even smaller fish.


[quote=“49r9r, post:2204, topic:23766”]CAA > SoCon. Much better. Davidson would no longer be a small fish in a small pond containing even smaller fish.[/quote]Definitely have to agree that CAA is better hoops conference than SoCon, even with the departures of ODU and VCU from the former.


Ummmm. :-\


Gonzaga considering joining the Mountain West Conference.


Was there not a more recent realignment thread than this? Maybe I’m going crazy, but I feel like realignment has been talked about more on here than once in the past 6 years!


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#2210 Big East basketball commissioner: We’re open to expansion but ‘nothing on the horizon’


Pretty good article -




If BYU and Gonzaga join the MWC, that will be a pretty formidable basketball conference again.


The P5 breaking has seemed like an inevitability for a couple years now, but I don’t think it’s the best solution long-term.

He references the NCAA being inconsistent with their punishments, but UNC-CH is still gonna be there in the “new” NCAA, and some programs will receive favorable treatment from whatever governing body they form.

Only thing the rest of the conferences can do to combat this is refuse to schedule any team that breaks away, what else could they do?


The big guys may peel away but not because the “the NCAA has no teeth” lol. It means they make more cash.

That UL trustee is out of touch. Contradicts himself 3-4 times. Hates social media too- sounds familiar.


clt says college sports are doomed