Conference Realignment


Well that was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Ironically, it was also called Conference USA.



Goober is in the North Alabama Athletic Hall of Fame, the actor George Lindsey.


In his Hall of Fame picture, is he wearing this hat?


Long Island University (LIU) combining the athletic programs of its Brooklyn (D-I) and Post (D-II) campuses into one, which will compete at the D-I level as a member of the NEC under a new nickname TBD.


OH NO! I love the Blackbirds nickname. It’s unique.


But TBD is even more unique…I like it.


Another school in the Dakotas exploring the move to D-I.


UT Arlington considering adding football. Would they play in the Sunbelt or another conference?


Disbanded in ‘85. Looking at a possibility within the next 10 years. Doesn’t sound like they’re too close


I think we should add Georgia Southern to CUSA. Them boys can play some foosball


Georgia Southern, Georgia State, App & Coastal Carolina


I think we should take the best football member of that group, which is clearly georgia southern.


I’d gladly give up the Texas four for them.

Better football overall, and much better for the conference footprint.


Who here would be complaining about “footprint” if we were in the AAC?


Which begs the question, what is better for us–if C-USA and the Sun Belt initiate some kind of geographical rationalization now, or if we let Mike Hill rebuild BBall and FBall, and take our chances when the shifting starts above us?


Add us and Davidson and Hill would have a good start to a brand new conference !


Both can happen simultaneously. We’re a few years from major realignment & need to get our ducks in a row first. Would be nice to have a conference that makes sense in the meantime. Financially & geographically it would serve both conferences well to investigate a conference USA sunbelt realignment or merger. In my opinion.


The long-term goal is obviously AAC or better… and I think that’s the same for everybody in both C-USA and the Sun Belt, save for a few far western teams with MWC aspirations. I don’t think it matters very much whether we’re in the current C-USA or the result of a C-USA/Sun Belt realignment… the best candidates are going to move up when the time comes.

Until then, I think a realignment is MUCH better for us.

The most logical way to do it would be for the two conferences to split along their divisonal lines, reforming into an eastern and western conference. It would look like this:

App State, Charlotte, Coastal Carolina, FAU, FIU, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, ODU, Troy, Western Kentucky

UAB, Arkansas State, La Tech, ULL, ULM, North Texas, Rice, South Alabama, Southern Miss, Texas State, UTEP, UTSA

In the interim until we get our shot at moving up, that sounds like a hell of a lot more fun as a fan than our current setup.


If you’re P5…footprint won’t matter as much because of the draw of the “name” programs involved in those P5 leagues and the TV contracts associated with them as well.

If you are NOT in a P5 conference…the best way to ensure rivalries and financial viability is to work a geographic/regional footprint.

Until we get to P5…we are much better off in a regionally aligned conference IMO.