Conference Realignment


I think ODU would get in over us at the moment.


Probably but they are showing weakness. We get our stuff together with Healy and Sanchez and we’ve got a shot.


You guys don’t pick up on the comments made by the Athletics Department? When Mike Hill talks about the University he says that the school is as nice as any SEC school. When Healy talked about the football program he said that it will be run like an SEC program. The only mention of the AAC has been that they think the football team has UCF potential. I think Hill is going to be working hard to position us for the SEC. That is a lofty goal and maybe it is just a pipe dream at the moment, but from listening to the comments they don’t say we have a campus just as nice as any AAC campus.


They aren’t going to let us in to the SEC. it’s like society in NY. IT doesn’t matter how much you have, if it isn’t 150 years old it doesn’t matter.
We need to big 10 to take Texas and Oklahoma because that kills the big 12 like the big east was killed. The Texas school merge. The other school then tier up.

Conferences will become regionalized and we try to get into the best tier, with other east coast universities.


It’s no secret that the SEC wants a school in the state of North Carolina. I don’t know how bad they want it in terms of timing. There have been some rumblings about N.C. State within the last several years. But it seems the Tobacco Road/ACC blood ties may win out there. The next logical pick would be Charlotte over ECU or App because of the TV market. But it depends on our athletic programs gaining some momentum and maintaining it.


Yes, the SEC would love to be in North Carolina but there is a pecking order to these things.

  1. Chapel Hill
  2. Duke
  3. NC State
  4. East Carolina
  5. Charlotte.

I didn’t include Wake because they probably don’t want a 2nd Vanderbilt. I didn’t include App because they don’t do research and don’t have enough doctorate programs. Truth is the SEC would give up getting into North Carolina if they don’t get the top three I listed above.

The SEC probably only really wants Chapel Hill, but will take the other 2 of that’s what it takes to get Chapel Hill on board. SEC dream would be to add Chapel Hill and Texas.

Now that DOESN’T mean we shouldn’t TRY to emulate the SEC in our athletics department though. If you aim to be the best you usually find a nice landing spot, even if it’s not the top.


It is rumored Chapel Hill and Duke approached the SEC as a package and that was rejected. Afterward is when all the NC St rumblings came. Chapel Hill and Duke are not a fit at all in the SEC, they would take State over both (imho).

It’s funny looking back, but there was a real fear of the ACC falling apart at one point (pre GOR)

If the GOR is unvreakable, that’s when it gets interesting because then it’s us or ECU if they want NC. App has absolutely zero shot of AAC much less a P5, CUSA is their ceiling. That’s not smack talk, it’s just reality.


Keep in mind that the Big East took ECU for football only, they did not want anything else until the conference fell apart, then they were stuck and needed all-sports programs. ECU was just very lucky. I have no doubt, and the Big East Commissioner as much as told us, that if we had football we would be invited to join. That almost certainly would have blocked ECU. Since then, what ECU offers has decreased, and what Charlotte offers has increased. If there is ever a do over that pits us against each other I like our chances–especially if Hill gets the winning on track.


clt says SEC is our future. It just means more to us as well


Radical idea that will never happen unless people start using their imaginations. Instead of the 10 FBS conferences consolidating down, why not split up to 16 conferences that are more regional. There would be several benefits. It would increase the number if conference champions by 6 each year giving more teams something to play for. Plenty of room in those conferences to keep traditional rivals in play. Reduce travel expenses by regionalization, and most importantly the 16 conference championship games become the first round of an expanded playoff, making it effectively a 32 team playoff. In that system no school could complain. Other than Notre Dame of course who would have to lose their precious status as an independent football program loved by posers, bandwagon fans and the uninformed every year.


I’d like that too, but the same hurdles exist.

I pitched my idea to an Alabama fan a few days ago and he actually liked it. He just suggested that we make it the P5 + Top3 G5 leagues (determined annually) that get autobids, and that the playoff be reduced to 12 teams with 4 byes.

I think some kind of compromise like that could work.


That would work. Certainly better than we have now.


This I don’t understand. Why would Texas and OU go to the Big Ten when that would seriously lower their chances of going to the playoff?? When conferences converge like this it turns big teams into medium teams and medium teams into small teams. Why leave the B12 that you dominate to go get beat up by the Big 10 schools.

As far as money goes they have plenty right now. Do they really need more money to complete???

I guess it may result in a raise for their athletic directors but if that’s the motivation they need to be fired today.

I have never understood this merging into mega conferences and I never will. Yes I know it means more money coming in but are these state flagships schools REALLY in danger of falling behind because of lack of funds?? I just don’t believe that.


Currently the 5 big conferences have a reasonable shot to get 1 team as a national champion and a great shot to have a playoff team. Why would they vote to increase the chances that someone else be in that final 4 or be that champion? I don’t think there is an incentive for them to do anything.


You ask good questions. I wonder if the elite P5 schools know something the rest of us don’t, perhaps including the non-elite P5 schools. The Big XII has been shaky since the last big realignment, and perhaps UT and OU feel like they need to explore their options before the music stops and their are not enough chairs.


No one said they will like it, but your assertion is also wrong. How many invites to the CFP has the Big 12 gotten so far in 5 years? How about the PAC 16?

Two of the 5 are getting left out almost every year. So they have reason to expand the playoff.


I don’t think this is true, re Chapel Hill and Duke.


This is a bit old, but kind of fun:



Florida State
Georgia Tech
NC State
South Carolina
Virginia Tech
West Virginia