Conference Realignment


Aiming for realism and a balance of football and basketball.

App St
Georgia St
Middle Tenn St
Old Dominion
Western Kentucky



Wake Forest
Georgia Tech
Georgia State
Virginia Tech
West Virginia



Please no! It is bad enough hearing Nebraska complain about not being relevant any more. Adding Texas and Oklahoma will just make it worse.



It would be a very good thing for us if this didn’t happen, but with the reports that Texas and Oklahoma may be looking to leave in a few years, it would be foolish for the XII to cling to its current membership.


Love hearing the whispers about why the Vandys and Wakes of the Cartel 5 world are getting as much conference TV money as the Bamas and Clemsons. Greed could cause things to uglier here soon.


Like actively pushing these schools out of their conferences? May be on a wish list, but not gonna happen.


It’s just the tone of a few national articles I’ve read since Oklahoma and Texas have been mentioned to leave the Big 12. Probably a pipe dream due to legal ramifications but the fact that it is being brought up is good in my book.


“Buried” within this piece by Matt Norlander:

Scroll down section entitled: Big East keeps MSG; multiple schools have reached out re: expansion


Never thought we’d be where we are today and not be in this group approaching the big east to join. Depressing.


Don’t worry, Davidson ain’t getting in


Charlotte = Non Catholic and playing FBS FB. Would approaching BE even make sense or somewhere we want to be now? Waste of time and resources to approach. Bad fit.


Duh! Sorry I knew all this but it didn’t register when I wrote that. Totally wrong fit.



I wouldn’t have thought that Augie would ever be mentioned on this board.

Being an So Dak St graduate, it is interesting. The assumption is that they will either drop football or join the Pioneer League. Summit membership is likely, but will probably cause some of the eastern teams to leave the league.


The article says nothing about Augustana dropping football…I don’t understand your statement.


I assume he is inferring that they can’t afford scholarship football, thus the Pioneer League comment.


Sorry for not clarifying, that is the prevailing rumor on the SoDakSt board from the Sioux Falls crowd.

49RFootballNow is correct, the cost of football is a concern.

Augie is a small private school (think Davidson). So this is more of a basketball move than a football move (again the prevailing rumor). I point this out because I don’t think it will have a big effect on CUSA and Charlotte.