Conference Realignment

Why? San Diego has the most pleasant climate in the us. Average september high is 77 degrees. October is 74 and November is 70. Lows in the mid to low 60s.

Average of 3 days of rain combined in those three months. There is no stadium better suited for outdoor entertainment in the country.

Because their fans were complaining about cooking alive in that stadium last season when it opened. It’s not the heat it’s the direct sunlight that’s why they need shade.

Also much like our field since it has artificial turf it basically turns into a giant wok in the direct sunlight. Field temperatures were about 100° at the opener last year

I use to have season tickets to the Panthers. Are seats were right in the sun. I would bring suntan lotion in November sometimes. Nineradvocate is absolutely correct!

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Chapel Hill Phil will probably send them a congratulatory letter for getting rid of athletics in the name of academics.

Total BS on Dubious.

PAC-12 Media Situation Gets Worse, Not Near An ESPN Deal – OutKick

Sounds like St. Francis Brooklyn having issues beyond just athletics with the school president taking a leave of absence as well. Oldest collegiate basketball program in NYC, dating back to 1901. Ironically, very last MBB game for the Terriers will be a loss to Fairleigh Dickinson in the NEC tournament.

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Here is the thing, ESPN is actually making this issue worse by overpaying for SEC content, much as Fox overpaid for B1G content.

The PAC should be able to command $20M+ with most of the FB and BB content on live TV rather than streaming, but for ESPN overpaying for other content. You cannot tell me that the B1G or even the Big 12 are that much more valuable than the PAC content. Certainly B1G is worth more, but that much more? And is the Big 12 really worth that much more?

Haven’t listened to this yet but I wonder if he meant for power 5 & Notre Dame only for “involving all of us.”

Spotify link for us non Apple heathens:

Recommend people listen to this. This is great insight into how the heads of these big schools think about the future.

ND AD Swardick had several ideas and accompanying narratives that at surface levels make sense, but I detect an ulterior motive for them. And a bunch of it is CYA nonsense. Like he wants some kind of commission to ensure student class attendance. But if you listen to his proposal it’s only about game scheduling. No one is actually gonna ensure the kids are in class. So it’s either mere window dressing, or he has an ulterior motive behind his scheduling rules. I suspect it’s a bit of both.

He also seemed to suggest that NIL deals should come with some kind of non sports performance requirement to justify the $. Superficially, you do a car dealer commercial or whatever. But it sounds like more window dressing to me.

One thing he was proposing was reducing the # of conference games and scheduling more regionally (eg CHeat playing us H&H in all sports). I don’t know what his angle is there.

There is also quite a bit of realignment talk in addition to the NIL talk. A lot of it would unsurprisingly impact us. In response to @TP49er08, it sounds like he wants to be more inclusive, but he says the single athletic association is “not viable long term”. He thinks there may be multiple associations in the future, even citing one for the SEC and one for the B1G. It’s a worthwhile listen.

Oh and one of the hosts basically suggested a cap on head coach pay and possibly limiting facility spending to free up money for the players. That sent the AD Scrambling.


Here comes that P5 money.

Also does every new building at Florida campuses require a lazy river? Is that like code down there?

clt says that stadium is haunted by ghosts