Conference Realignment

This seems to have some actual legs

Yeah I thought that was a joke yesterday when Swaim tweeted it but sounds like it’s not just made up Twitter BS. I guess they could use the private equity investment to go all in on the top of the ACC and that might make it make sense.

Seems like Florida State is determined to leave the ACC but going to the Big 12 seems rather odd. Not much better football competition.

Clemson and or FSU could also just be putting this out there intentionally to see if the Big10 or SEC show more interest with some competition involved.

Neither Clemson nor FSU meet the AAU “preference” test for Big 10 membership. Doesn’t rule them out completely but does make it more unlikely.


clt is glad we will be R1, that will help bigly in the future chaos

Wouldn’t surprise me if Clemson is seriously looking at the Big 12. They really aren’t needed in the SEC. And culturally and academically they will never fit in with the B1G. They could easily be a worse Nebraska for the B1G if they got picked up.

FSU is 50/50 since miami can technically bring in that market. the only downside for the canes is the lack of an onsite stadium.

The networks may find Clemson and FSU going to the BIG XII more palatable since the payout is less per team. Today’s it’s argueable about whether the BIG XII or ACC is better on the field/court but the BIG XII is stable whereas the ACC is not. I could see this happening.

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IMO Florida State and Clemson to the SEC is the only move that makes logical sense. Florida State and Clemson regularly playing Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Mississippi schools draw more eyeballs to TV than the playing Big 10, B12, or even ACC schools.

The two of you are discussing two different aspects of the potential move: revenues versus costs.

In this era, I think the networks are more cost sensitive than revenue optimistic. Also, their tangential goal is to bust down the payouts to the “dead weight” ACC programs. If they can get Clemson and FSU for Big 12 prices (plus probably a reasonable premium to seal the deal), and then knock down the payouts to the ACC hangers on to AAC levels, they’ll come out ahead.

Or maybe it will at least pay for how much they are going to have to pay CHeat when they move.


At this point the Big 12 and ACC should explore some kind of a merge and see what they can get paid for a mega conference. Maybe 8 to 10 of the ACC get together vote to dissolve the conference and join the Big12 and call it the Big 24 or something like that. Maybe something like FSU, Clemson, UNC, UVA, Miami, Louisville, Duke and NC State or Va Tech. Probably wouldn’t make sense unless you could do 2 divisions and have 2 guaranteed playoff spots, but I could see something like that happening. Especially with the possibility of private equity helping out.


What would be wise if it the top B12 brands and the top ACC brands go in together and drop the bottom ends of each league. That would get them closer to being able to hang with B10 and SEC

Still probably just a stop gap for the end game though.

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Very interesting thread from Big XII insider Lambert. Have to agree that a negotiated exit for Clemson and FSU is probably best for ACC.

And now I know “Buridan’s ass” paradox as well!


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Is it possible that Clemson and FSU are going to find out they’re not worth as much as they think. And definite not as much as they are in the ACC.

What if the SEC status quo sticks and they decide they don’t want or need them and/or they find out the money from the networks is maxed out and the Big and SEC are not able to bring them in without diluting their own existing per school revenue.

Would the Big or SEC possibly consider causing trouble in paradise by trying to get some schools to take less so they can bring these two in?

I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

What if the TV networks say to the SEC you’ve already got FL and SC with your existing footprint.

What if they say we will pay you more for NC and VA?

Sound crazy?

Sometimes in life you’re just too late to the party.

It may be that Clemson and FSU will somehow have to try to get by on the scraps of the ACC deal.

These two are playing a dangerous game.

It’s gonna be sad (or hilarious) if they pay their way out of the ACC and then there’s no landing spot in the Big or SEC or they have to take reduced shares like Stanford and California and Washington and Oregon.


Do we see the most cutthroat move in college expansion history and see the SEC shitcan south Carolina and Vanderbilt and/or Miss. state to bring in Clemson, FSU and UNC?

Or some other combo that gives them the most eyeballs and prestige they can get while ditching Vandy and Miss St?

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Just don’t see Clemson and FSU being left out the Super League sweepstakes, especially since that will be brand and value driven.


clt doesn’t get the “brand” discussion

not turning on a game because clempson or fsu is playing