Conference USA Basketball Tournament moving to Frisco, TX

Break out your cowboy boots the basketball tournament is moving to Texas.


Putting it within 4 hours drive of 4 of the schools with the lowest attendance (unt, utsa, rice, and la tech) seems like a recipe for success.

Well, 600+ miles closer to Charlotte than El Paso, site of the 2014 tournament. With the power in men’s hoops recently focused on Middle Tennessee and looking like WKU in the near future, moving back to Texas something of a head scratcher.

We really need to get out of this conference.

[quote=“elrodvt, post:4, topic:30955”]We really need to get out of this conference.[/quote]We need to win in this conference before we can think about moving on…

Dallas might be the single easiest city to travel to in the conference’s footprint. Niner National degraded the move as being a 4 hour drive from 4 poorly attended programs, but where is could we possibly 4 hours away from any 4 programs?

I would drive to see them. Not going to fly to Dallas then drive and I doubt many will.

That said I never got a chance to go to Birmingham, did many people make it there?

I don’t care if we move up conferences but these non regional bastard conferences blow.
I don’t follow football are there regional options that suit the current state of our program?

This is just another brick in the wall for making these leagues more regional.

I’m sure all 12 people that attend the tournament will be excited. Looking forward for to the check we get from the Conference TV deal too. :rolleyes:

Frisco, Texas? Never heard of the place. Frisco, Colorado would be a much better place to have this. I’m rapidly approaching the status of “No Longer Giving a Damn” when it comes to 49er Athletics. Hopefully the next AD can turns things around.

It isn’t the city, it’s the facility that has me disgusted.

Where in the hell is Frisco? SA might be cool to visit.

30 minutes north of Dallas

I’ve heard that this will be the layout for the Tournament. Men’s games on the right, Women’s games on the left, and the clowns performing in the center ring.

How many people complaining actually went when the tourney was in Birmingham?

I would have if we had a competitive team (no worse than 4th). I won’t ever go back until we get to 4th or better no matter where it is, but especially Texass. BLAH!!

Well, looks like I’m going to be able to go to the conference tourney in 2018. How many nights I stay depends on how much we win.

I would have if we had a competitive team (no worse than 4th). I won’t ever go back until we get to 4th or better no matter where it is, but especially Texass. BLAH!![/quote]

Exactly my point, our fans aren’t traveling unless we have a good year.

Despite all the griping, I will give a slight bit of credit for going outside the box to fix the problem. The Cowboys sound like they are 110% behind making it a successful event:

Frisco has hosted the NCAA FCS title game several times. Most people still call it I-AA.

It may have hosted the Men’s D-1 soccer championship, too. The same town, not the same facility CUSA hoops will use.