Conference USA standings

Louisville - 8-1, 20-3
Charlotte - 6-2, 15-4
DePaul - 6-2, 14-5
Cincinnati - 6-3, 17-5
Memphis - 6-3, 13-10
Alabama Birmingham - 6-3, 16-6
Houston - 5-4, 14-9
Marquette - 4-5, 16-6
Texas Christian - 4-5, 14-9
Saint Louis - 3-5, 5-15
South Florida - 3-6, 10-10
Tulane - 2-7, 8-12
East Carolina - 2-8, 7-15
Southern Mississippi - 1-8, 10-11

February 6
DePaul at Saint Louis, 1:00PM
February 9
Memphis at Louisville, 7:00PM
Southern Mississippi at Tulane, 7:00PM
Saint Louis at South Florida, 7:00PM
Marquette at Texas Christian, 7:00PM
Houston at Charlotte, 7:30PM
February 10
Xavier at Cincinnati, 9:00PM
February 12
Tulane at Memphis, 12:00PM
South Florida at Louisville, 2:00PM
Cincinnati at DePaul, 3:30PM
Houston at Southern Mississippi, 4:00PM
Marquette at East Carolina, 6:00PM
Alabama Birmingham at Texas Christian, 7:00PM
Charlotte at Saint Louis, 7:00PM

[b]Charlotte at Saint Louis, 7:00PM [/b]


2 TOUGH & very big games next week. I’m a little worried about Houston. Nothing needs to be said about SLU.

Conference break down.

It looks like 2 losses will get you a share of 1st place in the conference. (Cards have a tough road schedule, coming up).

3 losses gets you a share of 2nd place and to the dance.

4 losses gets you into the tourney or at least a good seat on the bubble.

Note: with this breakdown, our game with Houston this week is an NCAA tournament game for them !

At least we’re not playing an afternoon game at St. Louis like last year.

I just looked at our schedule and we are playing an afternoon game at ST. Louis. It’s at 2:10. It seems we don’t play well when it’s that early in the day.

[i]Originally posted by allie49er[/i]@Feb 6 2005, 12:18 PM [b] I just looked at our schedule and we are playing an afternoon game at ST. Louis. It's at 2:10. It seems we don't play well when it's that early in the day. [/b]
Well, I'm confused.

Yahoo says:

Charlotte: Sat, Feb 12 at Saint Louis 8:30 pm

The game time was changed from 2 to 8:30pm for tv


Whoever said that this is Houston’s ncaa game is right. They’re a longshot,but if they beat the team that just beat Cinci…not impossible. What can we do to make sure they we don’t have the classic letdown? How bout starting 5 subs…for like the first 2 minutes?

How about getting everyone you know to come to this game and making some noise to get behind our boys?

fantastic idea.

They will be big time up for the game, as I said if they could beat us they would put themselves on the bubble list.

[i]Originally posted by 9erforever[/i]@Feb 6 2005, 12:59 PM [b] The game time was changed from 2 to 8:30pm for tv [/b]
Who's carrying it? I'll be in Wrightsville Beach on a "getaway", but if I can see it there I'll catch it.