Cornbread Bobblehead

Does anyone have a cornbread bobblehead that they would be willing to sell? I have a friend that is a big celtics fan and cornbread was his favorite player. We can convert him to a Niners Fan if someone can help make this happen! Thanks all!!

I’ve got one Charlotte Alum.

how much do you want for it?

what’s it worth to your friend?

Southern Pines will not sell his Bobblehead, trust me on this one Chalottealum. He is pulling your leg :frowning:

I have two of these. One I will be keeping and the other I will sell. So whenever you want it Charlotte Alum just let me know.

Let me know how much you want for it… And add $5 for shipping/handling to Boston.

Right now it is still in the box back in my parents hometown. Don’t know when I am gonig back there, but when I do I will get it and let you know.

SouthernPines are your sure your parents want to part with Cornbread? :flame: