Cory Tilton is Finalist for Lowes Senior Class Award

at 21%


3rd place right now.

[quote=“ShaGGy, post:22, topic:25303”]22.4%

3rd place right now.[/quote]

Just voted for CT, bumpppp.

22.9% @ Second place. We need a few more votes. Let’s STEM, Niner Nation.

Anybody know how much fan vote counts toward the overall award?

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! [b]Fan balloting counts for 1/3[/b] of the total with the remaining 2/3 determined by NCAA Division I coaches and national media members. Please see the [url=]Selection Process[/url] section of the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award website for more information.

1ST PLACE NOW!!! 24.8%. Let’s go for 49%!!!

keep voting everyone!

Just voted again.

I stemmed again.

Keep on stemming!!!


What happened 89? Did you forget what you were going to say? (in other words, BUMP).

You’ve got it, 49r9r. :smiley:

Courtesy of Panning or Gold.!/panningforgold2/status/62644650103681024

Somebody get this into the U Times, and NinerOnline.


27% currently

Bump. Keep up the good voting.