Curt player of the week?

Will Curtis be player of the week this week?

He averaged: 22.5 points and 10 rebounds on the week.

Probably go to Garcia…even though he sucked he came up “clutch” at the end of their Memphis High game.

I know you are being sarcastic, but…

That bucket-and-one play that Garcia made was a dumb play, in my opinion.
Louisville is up 4 with 35 seconds left and he takes on 2 guys? He has to pull the ball back and run clock before getting fouled. Those plays can lose you games, not win them. If he misses that shot, Memphis is back in the game.

That’s what pissed me off when Dickie V took that opportunity to praise Garcia…

When do we find out?

Tomorrow. Just look at for their Men’s Basketball Notebook