Curtis HS -Malik Martin


According to Twitter 6’4” Malik Martin has accepted a scholarship to Charlotte


saw him listed as 6’5" on another site, fwiw. looks to be a tough nyc guard. we need toughness and i think sanchez sees that. uri offered also, amongst other schools. wonder if this is the writing on the wall for mcgill or robb?


His name is just Malik Martin - Curtis is the name of his high school in Staten Island.


Sounds like a great addition! Welcome to Niner Nation, Malik!


So, he will be eligible this year, right? No grade issues?


I just hope we have enough guards this season!!


McGill doesn’t seem like a good fit.


Malik’s older brother played at Rhode Island and was instrumental in Hurley’s build to a NCAA tournament team. Read great things about Hassan on URI boards, they were even gracious when they reported Malik’s commitment to Charlotte.

Seems like Malik will be a great fit for what Sanchez will implement. Welcome to Charlotte!


More background:

Curtis’ Malik Martin becomes only the 4th two-time boys’ Jaques Award winner

Malik Martin makes history in Curtis win


think about it like this kid is a replacement for murphy. while probably not the shooter that murphy is, a better overall player on paper. big kid who can play d, which is clearly what sanchez values. he needs guys who can play defense in his system and are tough.


Malik definitely seems to fit the mold of the player Sanchez wants. If UVA can compete for national titles with 3/4 star players, imagine what’s possible with 2/3 star players like this in CUSA. Going to be fun to watch this team develop over the next couple seasons.


He’s sporting McGill’s #12
Hummmmmm ?


good point. i would also imagine, that with his reputation as a tireless recruiter, with a good season, his ability to recruit solid three star players with good offers and the occasional four star player, will be a lot easier. he is currently working with a program in a long ncaa tournament drought. fix that, and i think we will see recruiting explode.