CUSA Women's Soccer Championship

Is there a link to the game vs Marshall?

[quote=“PresentNiner, post:1, topic:28367”]Is there a link to the game vs Marshall?[/quote] The CUSA website has links to all the games in this tournament. You have to pay to see the game, though. They have gametracker link, which is fairly useless for soccer.

Thank you for the information, 4ever. I am glad we won out there and beat Marshall 3-1.
It will be tough when we play against North Texas at 7 CT (8 EST).
Let’s do something on Friday!

Semi finals Schedule of Women’s Soccer Championship 2013:

East Carolina vs Colorado College 4:30 CT (5:30 EST).
Should be a WIN for Colorado, but in Soccer anything can happen.

Charlotte 49ers vs North Texas 7:00 CT (8:00 EST).

Is there a video link?

[quote=“stonecoldken, post:4, topic:28367”]Is there a video link?[/quote]

There may be some “illegal” links somewhere, too. Whatta you care, anyway? Soccer doesn’t have cheerleaders.

Haven’t seen it in full action yet but it has to be better than that atrocious feed from last year’s A-10 tourney at Rhody.


Tough battle vs North Texas, but the women’a team dropped it against North Texas in the semifinals.
They will be back next year in 2014!
Great Job!