Dale Halton selling Pepsi Bottling

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That’s a shocker. Thanks again to a great lady and big niner fan for all she has done for our school and our athletic programs!

What?! None of our resident misogynists have any comments on this?

Thanks, Dale. NINERS everywhere are forever in your debt. Hope your post-Pepsi days are happy and will still include your undying support of our school/teams and your presence at NINER games.

This won’t hinder her support of the university. I can only imagine what kind of price tag was on the operation. :blink:

While that certainly puts Halton in a better position to support the Niners, wonder what it will do long run with our relationship with Pepsi. Now that the local bottler will no longer be locally-owned, then they may not feel the obligation to be as involved on philanthropic-side of things in Charlotte. Hmmm…

The “NEW” official halftime hospitality soda of the Charlotte 49ers ?