Davidson Debacle

We didn’t distribute the ball, missed open shots, got outrebounded and didn’t defend. Other than that, we played okay.

Only positives were Garvin’s good effort and a few plays by Davis. The rest of the team mailed it in. Ogbueze really hurt us - only 2-16 and many of them were bad decisions.

Will be difficult to recover. Cannot overlook App State. Any team can beat us now.

This year is going to be bad.

We keep finding a new rock bottom.

clt hopes the fb team plays well.

In the post game, Price did indicate he was pleased with Bergang. He said he played big and got a couple of blocks. It sounded like Bergang might get some additional minutes going forward. Benas wasn’t mentioned. Looks like he is in the doghouse again.

poor performance but can we hold the phone on giving up on the season. davidson is better than us right now. should they have won by this many? no but it is a long season. if we look like this during the middle of the season, ill panic also but it is a long season. lets see if we improve on defense.

Last year our D took a big step forward after getting embarrassed a couple of times. Hope we see the same this season…

I’m worried about App now. I haven’t seen the stats but my guess is we had very few assists. We also had too many forced shots, a lack of blocking out for rebounds, and a little one sided officiating (not that it made any difference in the outcome). And our D has not improved.

The bright spots: Drinking beer with other Niners at The Brickhouse was fun.

It may be a very long year.

I’m not surprised. Anyone that thought wed get better after losing uchebo and Scott was delusional.

I feel sorry for Coach Price… he has had success most of his life… great career, family, etc…

He had no idea the extend and the reach that our suckiness has and our just complete history of misery can affect the future of all sports. Judy, do the right thing, let him go, pay him his contract and cancel all sports… signed Mark’s Mom

Overall pathetic showing. I am amazed we shot so poorly. Davidson is better than us but they are not THAT much better.

One positive was the D Bloc wasn’t there so the roadtrip experience was tolerable.

Do You still think we can get an at large bid after our first 4 games?

You still think we can get an at large bid after 4 games?[/quote]

no. i didnt say we would, i said we could if we beat 2-3 of those good ooc games and did well in conference. i want us to improve as the season goes on, fix the problems and win the cusa tournament.

It’s shocking how much better Davidson basketball is right now. Fortunes have certainly flipped from a few years back when any win Davidson got was a big upset.

I don’t know what else to say about this season. Everyone can see the glaring issues, and it’s unlikely these kinds of issues will be fixed during the season. I’m ready to move on to conference play. The only hope is that the conference is as bad as last year (seems likely at this point) and the Niners can get hot consistently at some point and play enough defense to make a run at the end of the year (seems unlikely at this point).

On offense, we had a couple good possessions at the beginning of the game where we made the extra pass. Then it turned into 1 on 1 ball. How many times will the guys drive into 3 guys. And we made them look like nba defenders out there. There was NO space for open looks. Everything was contested.

On defense, it looked like ymca players playing against elite technical coached players. The guys would look at each other after their was a back door pass for an easy layup and just wonder what happened.

It’s terrible we couldn’t get white and Davis open looks. Davis should have been more aggresssive in the first half.

And… Look at the tape at their screens and ours. It’s night and day.

Coach Price better get some legit size in the middle, teach the team offensive sets to get good looks and learn how to play team defense. I just don’t see it this year with this group. FT% was good though.

Still have faith in Price and this team, but getting really tired of losing to Davidson.

I’m ordering Judy a cake on Monday!

I will always love my Niners, but were so bad it’s indefensible anymore. If you’re not good at a major sport, you are irrelevant in the college sports world. Unfortunately that is what we are.


We had no answer for them doubling the shooter on the high screens. Davidson took away our outside shooting in the half court game by doing that, and we were unable to drive and finish or establish any game in the post.

I am very afraid for Monday, as bad as today was if we dont play significantly better we could lose that game.

On the bright side, kudos to everyone who set up the Brickouse Tavern 49er rendezvous. It was a lot of fun kicking a few back with some Niner fans and meeting some of y’all. Hopefully one day the in-game fun will match the pre-game.