Davidson Game

A heads up, single game tickets are onsale now. I’m in Section 108 row F.

Last time we all got in one section - how do we make sure this happens again?

Didn’t the school receive an allotment to sell?

I don’t know - I know we all used the BOGO offer from Davidson though, that is why Braille and I both received Davidson ticket info in the mail and I assume a few others.

Can someone call their ticket office and see if they have a plan for us?

I called. Our AD will be receiving a ticket allotment again this year. Probably in the same spot.

So how do we get them from our AD?

Let me go ahead and warn any students that get free tickets through our AD that they spread you out along the rafters. There is no “Charlotte student section.” If you want to ensure you are with other Niners, you may want to just buy within a certain block. We ended up leaving our seats to join the Niner contingent on the other side, as did many others.

Ah so I guess that is what we did last time - we all just bought in the same block with their BOGO offer. So what is our section this year folks?

Davidson game.

What a sham.

Interesting. Back in the awful game we played in the 2006 season I remember getting tickets through the AD and we all had a bunch of seats in the upper section right as you come in the doors to the high school gym… up high, of course, but I remember being up there with a ton of niner students.

Maybe Davidson figured out that putting a bunch of Niners together is a bad idea… We tend to be loud and obnoxious.

I’m not sitting/standing next to C-Pip this year.

[quote=“Hooner49, post:12, topic:26993”]I’m not sitting/standing next to C-Pip ever again.[/quote]FTFY

OK So what section are we all sitting in? I want to go ahead and get tickets but want to sit with the crowd of good guys.

Last time my tix were with the old geezers, so I had to move to the student/alum section myself.

SCK, you are not that far away from being classified an “Old Geezer”.

If we all come in and sit in a section, nobody is going to move us if we just sit together.

True - but we can go ahead and make a call and decide a section and atleast try to sit together.

Section 112 looks wide open or section 110 has some space too, but 112 looks like it has more. What say you NinerNation? Section 112?

If so lets go ahead and stake our claim. Can I get some yeses?


108 was the only open section I was offered :frowning: