Davidson PreGame

What: Davidson pregaming and cermonial walk accross smug campus yelling and and raising hell.
When: 12/5 from 5:00pm (or earlier if you can get there!) til we leave (game is at 8)
Where: Brickhouse Tavern
Address: [font=arial][size=13px]209 Delburg St.[/size][/font], [font=arial][size=13px]Davidson, NC 28036[/size][/font]

[font=tahoma]We have the backroom reserved at the Brickhouse. I started the reservation at 6, but they said if anyone shows up early just to go ahead back there.[/font][font=tahoma] It might be under my name (Ricky, in case anyone doesn’t know - That’s Powerbait to us!), but I told them it was for Niner fans.

Who is in?
NWA +1
HXC +1
Clayton +3, +students
Braille +1
HotRod +1
PB + Others
C49er (who doesn’t like work)
Somosdel +2
Hooner +Some (who will already be drunk)
Charlotteguy +3
Feltis +1
MKNiner +1[/font]
[font=tahoma]Ea$on +1[/font]

Not In:
NLP - Going to India
Jfickett - Happy not to be there because last time resulted in car accident in the rain on 77
NA - Scared someone might try to talk to him[/font]

ImfromClayton + 3, and as many students as I can bring. If you want a ton of students, put this even on facebook.

I can verify myself +1 and Hooner49+2-3.

I will be at least +1. We shall see about more. It’s in the works.

Yeah have thought about that. Just worried about overwhelming the place.

I’m in!

I’ll be at the game, but probably not at the “pregame festivities”. BTW tipoff is at 8 and not 7.

Yeah have thought about that. Just worried about overwhelming the place.[/quote]

I’m worried about NOT overwhelming the place.

Thanks for catching the typo!

Weekday suxxxxx. Hopefully my schedule allows but thinking not

Just remember: don’t piss off/insult/annoy/bully/intimidate anyone who serves you food and drink. Be classy, NINERS.

I am in…might not be able to get there till around 6, but should give me plenty of time before the tip off at 8) … or is it at 8 ?

Last year time we were Davidson’s Blackout game if I’m not mistaken and we all wore white. Does anyone know if it is their blackout game again?

I was wondering this as well. Nothing posted on their website.

Coming with my parent’s, we’ll meet up with you guys whereever we are meeting up and whatever time we’re meeting up.

Count me in. I don’t like work well enough to work a full day anyway.

Shame on you guys for drinking before a Niner game. I’ll probably drop by there myself, time permitting.

I’ll be at Brickhouse withnm wife and 2 fellow Nners!

We won’t be leaving Charlotte till around 6, but we should get to Brickhouse in time for a beer or eight.

But I will be getting off early (Noon-ish) and drinking before we head out if anyone wants to join.

Can you buy tix there?