De Paul

3:40 left in first half 29-29. Go Depaul ! ! !

Diener hits 3 with seconds remaining in the first half…34-32 DePaul. Go Demons!

Garcia sucks

Depaul looks very patient. I think it’s keeping them in this game along with rebounding hustle.

Go Drake!! Another 3!!! Tied under 13 minutes left!

13:50 left in 2nd half. 42-41 Louisville. Depaul hangs tough ! I like blue Demons chances on senior day.

They are actually calling fouls on Louisville today!! Holy Shit!

10:20 left 2nd half. 47-43. Louisville. If Depual would slow down a little and take care of the ball. Quemont Greer kind of disappear in second half. Drake Diener 2-6 from three. Depaul could use a little more from Drake. Cisco does suck.

6:56 left in the game. 51-51. For the second best scorer in CUSA Quemont sucks at the line. Go Depaul !

Garcia looks horrible. Sloppy, uncontrolled shots and drives. They were praising him on that “NO-LOOK” hook pass (where he turned his head after he passed it) and he almost threw it away. The other guy did a great job of saving it.

C’mon Depaul ! You will need this one to put on your dancing shoes.

O’BANNON is carrying the whole damn team!! If he wasnt playing well…Louisville gets there ass kicked!

Louisville on fire from 3 point land again.

Since I have started watching, Garcia has been blocked twice and turned it over once. Not too impressive.

Garcia is sucking wind. If the game goes into OT I like Depaul chances.

DePaul choking. :frowning:

Depaul just couldnt get it done. They are not a very good ball handling team, and missed some easy lay ins at the end.

Obannon was on fire again. I think he was 6-7, 5-5 on 3’s and didnt miss a free throw.

It will be a travesty if Garcia wins MVP. He’s not even the best player on his team. I know he was tired, but he got his shot blocked umpteen times and turned it over at least 4-5 times I saw in the 2nd half. He about single handedly lost the game for them.

That being said, Louisville is hot and the Champions. Congrats. I guess we just have to win tonight and settle for 2nd.

Do those blocks count as turnovers seeing as the ball never really left his hands? That would be 3 turnovers in the crucial last 5 min of the game. OB is making this L’ville team very scary for anyone that will play them in the tourney.

if we play them next sat., eddie needs to start out guarding O’bannon

[i]Originally posted by NinerOne[/i]@Mar 5 2005, 02:18 PM [b] if we play them next sat., eddie needs to start out guarding O'bannon [/b]
I agree. Hopefully Mitch steps up his D on Dean and then we MAKE Garcia beat us. I'd like to see us play Drayton on Garcia for a good bit. Not that he would stop Garcia, but with the way that Francisco's been playing of late, maybe Drayton's lanky arms would be enough to keep him respectable.

:lol: Great thread!!