De'Angelo Alexander

Here is a little snipit I found on De’Angelo from March 2003:

[b][b]The player ticketed to arrive In 2003-04: De'Angelo Alexander will emerge as Oklahoma's leading scorer next season, and the Hollis Price-less Sooners won't fall off as much as you might think. Think about it, Price barely contributed in this year's Elite Eight run. Alexander is strong, has a soft touch from deep and can slash. After two games in Oklahoma City, in which Alexander scored 31 points, he is surrounded by reporters in the locker room. Some Sooners watch in the corner, and one yells, "Look at De'Angelo in the spotlight?" Get used to it; that beam's not going away.[/b][/b]

That was from his freshman year and considering he was playing all last season with a shoulder injury (happened during pre-season) and still managed to put up 10 and 5, I think we can expect big things from DA next season.

Good report. Bennett and Alexander, waiting in the wings. :thumbsup: If Iti and Withers return, we will be loaded again next year.

PG: Baldwin, Goldwire, Lewis
SG: Bennett/Alexander
SF: Drayton/Alexander
PF: Withers, Drayton, Mullis
C: Iti, Nance

Our needs are of course Freshmen big men and a big time shooter.

I think that De’Angelo will definently be our starting SG, or SF. Bennet will be the one coming of the bench.
For Alexander to transfer from Oklahoma were he would have been there starting 3 man and most likely leading scorer, and have to come of the bench would’nt be a good thing.
It’s still a mystery why he transfered from Oklahoma. One would think Bobby ensured De’Angelo a starting spot and plenty of minutes.