Denzel Irvin - CB - Winter Garden. FL

We’ve offered:


@TimRivals: Orlando DB Denzel Irvin has committed to the #Charlotte49ers

Good size at 6ft. Nice to dip down into FL to get some talent.

Welcome to Niner Nation Denzel!

Woot! ;D

Is he the first player from FL? It would be awesome if we can get a foothold in that recruiting hotbed.

Desmond Cooper is from Jacksonville, but he’s a transfer so technically this is our first Florida high school recruit.

Obviously I need to spend more time reviewing the roster. Damn this is so much harder to keep straight than basketball.

[quote=“sydh, post:2, topic:27852”]Verballed.

@TimRivals: Orlando DB Denzel Irvin has committed to the #Charlotte49ers

I first caught this info on the Pick Axe Facebook page. Give these guys some support if you haven’t already. Syd and company bring a lot of content to Niner Nation.

I expect us to start reaching into Florida and Texas alot more in the coming years as we should be playing 1 game in each state almost every year come 2015.

C-USA will have it’s benefits when it comes to football recruiting.

I believe this is the same Denzel Irvin…

The poor man in this article is in his 30s so I don’t think so.

IIRC, he was about 22 or 23 when he was still on our roster, and that was years ago, so this very well could be him. I believe he also had a brother on the team.

Says here he was born in 1995. That would make him 27 this year.

Hunter Bailey confirms.