Deuce Bello 2011 SG/SF

Attends Westchester Academy in High Point. Great athlete that can get to the rim. Can also knock down the three.
Attended our elite camp over the summer.
Has offers from a host of high major schools.
Big drawback is his attitude…very selfish player. But, as with young players things can change…

Deuce Bello Windmills And 360’s On Way To Win.

6’3 Deuce Bello Gets Dunks ALL Day; Crazy Athletic Wing

2011 won’t be a guard year for us- we will be pretty set there with young guys. We need tons of help from inside as Spears, Jones, and Wilderness leave.

The only way we sign gaurds in Nov and next April is if the 3 scholarships open currently go unfilled, and carry over. Which 1 or 2 is certainly possible but we will ink at least one in April. I’d hate to see us mismanage the 3 we have available. I think we only have 5-6 or so true candidates we truly want for those 3 remaining, and I’d hate to see them go to kids who are way down on our prospect board.

I’d like to know if there is any intention to giving Parks a ride…