Diego in the HOUSE..and signing bobbles

Diego will be at the game and signing bobble-heads from 3:00 to 4:00. It will be interesting to see how many Cinci fans are in line to meet him.

Oh to get gruehls and Mrs. g in a photo with him. :naughty:

Have a safe flight down today!


A photo of Diego and a Cincy fan would be classic.

It would be better if it were Steve Logan and Diego.

I predict, one way or another, there will be unhappy fans after the game. Fans will want their coach strung up and hung out to dry. The winning team’s fans will talk weak smack and the real smack talkers will hold their head in shame at what poor reps their school brings out after a victory.

Also, cincinnati players will go into fits of mass hysteria at hearing 2950 bobble heads saying “You’d better call 9-1-1 because this house is on fire” in unison throughout the game.

The other 50 will be dismantled by disgruntled UC fans who also went crazy upon listening to classic taunt of one Diego Guevara, who years later still manages to haunt UC in Halton.

Something tells me we’ll be seeing images on this site of Diego dolls in compromising situations once some of the Cincy fans get back home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Crap, meant to post this in the prediction thread.

I’m so smooth. B)

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Feb 4 2005, 10:49 AM [b] Oh to get gruehls and Mrs. g in a photo with him. :naughty:


Diego should pound the crap out of greuhls for all the shit he talked about Diego’s wife.

It really surprised me the number of Cincy fans (when in Cincy) brought up Diego’s name.

He truly will haunt many Bearcats’ dreams. :slight_smile:

At least 49er fans don’t throw quarters and nickels at the opposing team… right?

lishdaddy is correct, everyone in Cincy spoke of Diego. I think it is Andy Kennedy who plays with the change but I’m not accusing anyone. :rolleyes:

Once more for old times…


I miss Galen (particularly the defense). :frowning: