Doyel can't be serious, can he?!!!


Prospect Rankings - Center

Not only does he place Martin Iti as the number 4 prospect at center, but ahead of David Harrison of Colorado! I agree that the latter has a work ethic problem, but no way Iti is even remotely a better athlete. Geez… :rolleyes:

i think Doyel just hit an all time low. Iti isnt anywhere close to ANY of those other centers

Its quite apparent that Doyles fat has gone from his stomach to his head.

Methinks Doyle is being subversive here, God forbid the 9ers be better than any of the “Big 4”.

I want what this guy is smoking. He also has an article on how the best move for Ohio State would be not to go after Bobby Knight after firing Jim O’Brien. He says how he would cause them so much humiliation. How could you not want Knight if you want to bring your program to the top? :wacko:

While I will agree that Knight has raised the profile of Texas Tech hoops, it’s really a case of what have you done for me lately with the General. His last NC was in 1987.

So far in Lubbock, he has no Big 12 regular season or tourney championships. No Big 12 COY awards. Only 1 victory in the Big Dance (courtesy of the Niners!) and one shouting match with the TTU prez at the salad bar.

Now, I could see OSU hiring him so he could break Dean Smith’s record as a Buckeye. Let’s be honest, Big Ten hoops aren’t really anything that great these days.

[i]Originally posted by run49er[/i]@Jun 16 2004, 02:31 PM [b] Let's be honest, Big Ten hoops aren't really anything that great these days. [/b]
Maybe true, but who in the Big Ten could outcoach Mr. Knight right now, other than perhaps Tom Izzo, who could be leaving for the NBA?

Still I don’t think he’d take the job. There’s no pressure on him in Lubbock to be #1.