Doyel likes Niners for Big Dance

From Gregg Doyel’s “Hate Mail” at

[b]From: dan weber

Last year a logjam in C-USA led to a record number of teams making the tournament. Most experts/fans would anticipate Louisville, Memphis and Cincinnati to repeat their performance, but among Charlotte, DePaul and UAB, who do you think will repeat their success, and which will fail?

Off the top of my balding head, I see Conference USA getting bids for Louisville, Memphis and Charlotte for sure, with the foursome of Cincinnati, DePaul, UAB and Marquette competing for another two or three bids.[/b]

Also found this interesting…

[b]From: Bobby

Who do you think will be the freshman of the year?

Juan Diego Palacios of Louisville.[/b]

And this to be just downright funny…

[b]From: Darin Walker

As usual, your distaste and bias against UNC show in one of your articles. I agree that Chris Paul and others are worthy to be in the top of the rankings, and I’m not saying Raymond Felton should be No. 1, but he’s certainly better than No. 10. I find it odd that most NBA mock drafts list him as the second-best PG, whereas you believe he’s 10th.

UNC bias? I ranked Sean May as my No. 1 center, and Rashad McCants my No. 2 shooting guard. Please. As for Felton, his NBA potential is not the same thing as his ranking among college point guards in 2004-05. See, in college they play this thing called “defense.” As soon as Felton learns how to play “defense” – and shoot this thing called a “jumper” – he’ll be a top-five college point guard.[/b]

Link: Hate Mail: Making their positions clear – even if wrong

Good stuff. Doyel have us a hard time when he was on WFNZ but he definitely thinks highly of us. He’s a U Florida guy even though he covered the ACC beat for the Observer.