Doyel on Coach Calipari, Memphis Tigers Calipari preps youngsters for NBA rigors

[i]Originally posted by run49er[/i]@Oct 4 2004, 04:27 PM [b] [url=] Calipari preps youngsters for NBA rigors[/url] [/b]
... by giving them per game paychecks?

…by setting them up with their own private defense attorney and explaining what a retainer is?

…by hiring hookers to show them “what NBA life is like on the road”?

so many punchlines, so little time.

Thanks for the assist Doyel. Next time, could you leave it just an inch off & above the rim? 'preesh. :stuck_out_tongue:

NA, that does lend itself to quite a few zingers, that’s for sure.

Seriously, I did agree with one thing Coach Cal said:

“The thing you have to convince these guys … the NBA is not looking for leading scorers on teams, it’s looking for players,” Calipari said. “As soon as the kids – and the families, the families are the worst – understand it’s not about scoring, it’s about playing (well), they’re on their way.”

Comprende, Mr. Iti?