Doyel's top "breakout" candidates for 2004-05

From Our top breakout candidates for 2004-05

Doyel’s thoughts on Mr. Iti:

Martin Iti, Charlotte: We’re still unsure how he managed only six points and 4.7 rebounds as a freshman. Doubling that shouldn’t be a problem for this 6-10 sophomore.


Others of interest for this season and next:

[b]Chuck Davis, Alabama: If a player is allowed two “breakout” seasons, the 6-8 Davis is our nominee. His scoring increased from 1.5 points to 11.5 from his freshman to sophomore seasons, and his final two games in the 2004 NCAA Tournament suggest another jump is on the way: 19 points vs. Syracuse, then 24 against Connecticut.

Justin Doellman, Xavier: A role player last season, the 6-9 sophomore could be this team’s star. Doellman topped 20 points in both Xavier exhibitions in the Bahamas, and did it without either of the team’s point guards, Churchill Odia (visa issues) or Dedrick Finn (suspension).

Monty Scott, Dayton: After losing its top three scorers, Dayton’s offense will go through this 6-6, 220-pound wing. The explosively athletic Scott is much better than the 6.3 points and 3.6 rebounds he averaged as a sophomore.

Robert Vaden, Indiana: We didn’t want to mention freshmen but he will make an exception for Vaden, because the whispers out of Bloomington, Ind., say this 6-5 wing could have a Calbert Cheaney-like freshman season. And as a freshman in 1990, Cheaney averaged 17.1 points.[/b]

Doyel alslo has a group of “breakdown” candidates for 2004-05. Our top breakdown candidates for 2004-05

Among those the Niners will see this season:

[b]Jeremy Hunt, Memphis: The 6-4 junior still hasn’t fully recovered from March knee surgery, and by the time he does, his starting position will be gone. Then again, it might have been gone anyway. The additions of 6-7 Richard Dorsey, 6-9 Waki Williams and 6-10 Simplice Njoya probably will mean more minutes on the wing for sophomore Sean Banks. That’s less for Hunt, who averaged 9.6 points and 5.3 rebounds last season.

Jason Maxiell, Cincinnati: The 6-7 senior deserves a better sendoff, but with the departures of the program’s only true centers – Kareem Hicks and Robert Whaley – he’ll be forced to play out of position (again). The Bearcats’ power forward will be the equally undersized (6-6) Eric Hicks, which means Maxiell will struggle for his 13.6 points and 6.9 rebounds.

Kennedy Winston, Alabama: Winston was a breakout player last season after undergoing surgery in October 2003, but his knee is bothering him again – and this after he had surgery in June. The 6-6 forward isn’t 100 percent now, and might not be until December. On the bright side, 'Bama fans, this should increase the chances that Winston returns for his senior season.[/b]

[b]but with the departures of the program's only true centers -- Kareem Hicks and Robert Whaley[/b]
Who is Kareem Hicks? :lol:

Didn’t catch the Kareem Johnson / Eric Hicks faux pas! :rolleyes:

BTW, I’m not sure that Iti will double his stats from last season, at least points-wise. I expect most of our offense to come through Withers, Plavich, Basden, and Drayton. Now, 9 rpg from Iti would be great!


12 point and 9.4 rebounds from Iti would probably put us over the top with everybody else scoring avg.

[i]Originally posted by pcon[/i]@Oct 14 2004, 12:55 PM [b] 12 point and 9.4 rebounds from Iti would probably put us over the top with everybody else scoring avg. [/b]
Iti just staying in the game 25-30 minutes would put us over the top.