Duke, NCSU, USC, Vandy, Miami/Washington

UNC Greensboro, that’s who.

UNCG announces 2005-2006 men’s basketball schedule

well there is 6 losses, i think the only definate loss for us would be Duke, next year they should dominate the ACC and most likely win it all.

Yeah, duke will be good. Althought they did lose randolph :lol:

Any if those teams would play us at their place with no return game too. Looks like Duke is trying to get used to the arena for the ACC Tournament and that is why they are playing there.

UNC-A normally plays a pretty formidlable OOC schedule. They know they’re going to take a beating, but the coach says the players enjoy playing the big schools and the money the games generate is great for the school’s athletic dept.

The big boys don’t mind paying these guys when they know they no chance to chalk up a L.

The big boys love schools like UNC-Asheville. And UNC-A loves bus trips to Chapel Hill and Charlotte which further make money for their program.

[b]The game with the Tar Heels will mark the fifth time in the last 10 years that UNC Asheville will play the defending national champions.[/b]
Not a bad record for a little Big South team.

Pretty nice OOC schedule there.