EA bringing back NCAA Football game July 2023 🎮


EA Sports is continuing to gather stadium assets and is now at a point where they would like to start obtaining music assets from your institution. As you can see in the attached spreadsheet, EA is looking for information about band songs, crowd chants, and cheers, as well as when particular audio is played during the football game.


I wish we would forward our stadium renderings. We also need to try to find a way to get Club Lit in the game.

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clt says this is going to look great on the xboxsx

clt hopes we push ea to fully render our matt stafford statues

It’ll finally give me a reason to justify owning my series X.

If anyone is nerdy enough to care, I signed up / paid for 3 years of XBox Game Pass Ultimate (includes Live) and I paid like $60 for it (total)? My boys showed me how after they asked for help paying for theirs. It usually goes for $540 for 3 years. If you want to know how it was done, message me. Completely legit and easy enough even for an old fart to do.