ECU game roll call

Just wondering how many people are gonna make the trip out to ECU saturday. Im going, but I’m wondering if it would be better to call and order tickets, or wait till I get there to buy them…What is everyone else doing for tickets this year?

Get them through our ticket office.

I’d like to get lower section seats if possible. I’ve been told to try Sect. 202.

I’ve got parentals to buy tickets for…this being their only game to attend each year. They are afraid to hit the mountains during the winter.

If anyone has any other alternatives…please tell me.

I’m going, at least 3 will be in my car.

I’m going and will have three others with me.

Lutzfan and I will be going on a quick day trip down and back. Wa Hoo!!

Gang Green will have about 20 making the trip. Hopefully, we can get closer than 2 rows from the top this time.

I’m in with NQ&H. Might bring one other. Just doing the down and back again. Pregame at BW3’s again?