ECU Predictions

Let’s have it folks.

I don’t think this will be an easy game by any stretch. ECU is pretty bad defensively, but they have shooters and some decent bigs as well. I think this will turn out like our first three home games went, start out slow and then slowly get on top with our defense in the second half.

Niners 72
EZU 65

Niner 67
Eastern Carolina 55

Good Guys 68
Bad Guys 55

Charlotte - 76
Loser Rednecks from Greenville - 59

If we stick to our gameplan of driving the ball and playing solid half court D. I see no reason why we can’t blow them out. Charlotte 78 ECU 54.

If we can’t close the gaps fast enough from deep, but our bigs still dominate the boards, we should still win. Charlotte 67 ECU 63.

If our guys start watching their guys shoot threes and think “Hey that looks like fun!”, we are in for a long night. They have three streaky shooters and they will eventually get hot if we let them shoot it enough times. We do not have the firepower to get into a three point contest. If this happens (unlikely) ECU 78 Charlotte 67.

I think scenario one is more likely. It’s certainly the one I am rooting for.

Ima little nervous as our guys have had awesome off. I always feel like it takes us 10 minutes together into the game when we’ve had a long break.
Couple this with the fact that we are not afraid to go long stretches without scoring…

72-58 Niners win.

[font=verdana][size=11px]Charlotte 67[/size][/font]
[font=verdana]ECU 62[/font]

Charlotte - 74
ECU - 53

they wear purple.
us - 74
them - 56

Them: LESS


EZU - 59

Charlotte 72
ECU 54

We’ve only beaten EZU by less than 20 once in Halton. I don’t see that happening again this year.

Charlotte 79
Greenville CC 72

49ers 203
Pirates 5.

49ers 69
Pirates 49

Charlotte will win. Bowden will bring back memories by shooting long and random shots, making a couple and missing a lot.

[size=2]This entire thread is BAD MOJO!!![/size]

Oh please. There is nothing we can do on this messageboard that will have any impact on the game. If there was then we would all be significantly more powerful beings than we are.