ECU pregame thread

I don’t have the lebo Christ image anywhere. Any of you guys still have it?

 For those who live on the fringe reception area of 18.3 METV here might be a helpful hint.  There's a lot of sub channels for practically every main broadcaster, some weaker than others.  The 2 main variables are [rabbit ear type} direction and length {shape}.  Almost all wave lengths for digital channels are short thereby only needing a small portion of the antenna (has to match the wave length).  Some have a round UHF config. and arent combined with the longer VHF telescoping rods.  If there are 2 lead outputs be sure to use the UHF side fastened to the TV then slowly rotate the antenna.                                                                                                                           If you can't directly tune your TV to 18.3 you'll have to auto scan (from channel setup menu). This may take more than a couple of directional moves and scans.  These signals can be very sensitive and a slight change in direction affects success or failure.                                                                                                                                One real helpful hint I've discovered is taking approximately a 1'x 1' piece of aluminum foil and placing it behind the antenna (It must increase the amount of gain bouncing RF signals back into the antenna that would ordinarily be lost).  It made a lot of weak signals (freezing video) into a perfect picture.  Hope  this may help some of you.

clt will need foil on his head if we lose tonight.

Quality post in the days of most people just on here complaining. If we had a rep system, I’d give you rep points. Thanks for the information which will hopefully be helpful to some.

Lol we gonna lose

No post game to speak of…a ton of Freshman/new D1 players…2nd game into the season…1st road game.

Could be brutal.

Elon up by 37 type of brutal.

After the exhibition and Elon, i wouldn’t take Charlotte +15. BUT I’m really hoping the players and coaches just needed one game under their belt and will compete tonight.

Even if we lose tonight, I look fwd to keeping up with the game tonight. Not since Rhode Islamd and 6 men on the court have I gave a monkeys butt.

Seems like you’ve been out of it a little longer than that since the 6 men on the court debacle was vs UMass, not URI.

I don’t see this one going well, really hope to be wrong and the team surprises us. I’ll still try to follow the game though, hopefully there’s video somewhere.

One thing I’m really looking to see is how the returning guys play, we’ve got to get them turned around to have any chance of success this year. Ogbueze is welcome to have one of those games where he goes off tonight.

Seems like you’ve been out of it a little longer than that since the 6 men on the court debacle was vs UMass, not URI.[/quote]
Whatever. Hair split

[quote=“49RFootballNow, post:19, topic:29974”]Clearances for tonight’s game:


WCCB-3 (MeTV)[/quote]

Dish Alt-412-29 if you get it.

I just heard this would be Coach Lebo’s #300 win. Can’t let that happen. Go Niners. On ESPN3 by the way. Niners look raw. Like their coach has potential but not quite figured it out. Go Niners. The Price is Right.