Eddie B.

I think that with us being ranked, getting more pub, and Eddie playing the way that he is right now, he may have a shot at All-American. At this point, he definitely should be POY in CUSA as well.

Getting All-American votes has everything to do with exposure. Since we got ranked, we have received more national pub than we have in our previous 3-4 seasons combined. Eddie deserves to be there…will the talking heads (Digger Phelps, you bastard) and others out there help his cause???

“Eddie Basden, G/F, Charlotte 49ers, 3rd Team All-American”

Think about it, if Brent f’n Blizzard from UNC-W can get high on the honorable mention list, Eddie can get on the 3rd team.

Beat me to it. I was trying to get Andy Katz to answer the same question last night.

I believe he can.

It’s possible. But I believe we’d have to make the Final 4 and he would be on the 3rd team. Cornbread was 3rd team AA, but only after he took us the the F-4.

I hope he can get some votes for All-American.

Do you think he will have his number retired here at Charlotte??? I think he is on the verge.

I won’t be surprised to see an Eddie Basden bobblehead one day.

[i]Originally posted by Mr. Bojangles[/i]@Feb 20 2005, 10:26 PM [b] Do you think he will have his number retired here at Charlotte???? I think he is on the verge. [/b]
ONLY if this team goes at least to the Sweet 16 or beyond. Where we are in our team's history demands it.

I think we have to make a run in the NCAA for Basden or Withers to be considered for All-American honors. Those seem to be reserved for the darlings of the media.

However, I think Conf POY may come down to Basden and Garcia. If we can hold serve against Memphis State and Miss State, the UL game becomes on of the biggest in recent history.

Whoever wins gets the 1 seed and whoever outplays who between Basden and Garcia may get POY.