Eddie Basden, A player, A person, A God!!!

Eddie Basden is awesome. On the courth he never has a bad game, he might not be the ESPN highlight every week but he is one of the most consistent and well rounded players that will hit the Halton Arena floor, people talk about how his jersey should be retired, I say yes, He is a threat in every part of the game and every team we play knows this. Off the court Eddie is just as great, if not better, a person then he is on the court. Eddie lives in Squires hall on the floor above me so I see him about every day, lucky me. As a freshmen that looks up to basketball players and other collegiate athletes I thought that he would be the type person to just walk right by like he was big S*#t. How WRONG was I. Eddie saw that I had a Charlotte Basketball shirt on and he stopped in the middle of the hallway to talk to me. Ever since then I have looked up to him on and off the court, I see him on campus and he will turn away from his crowd of friends just to say hey and see how my day is going. I dont know about everyone else but I think Eddie is a model college athlete that everyone can learn something from whether an athlete or not. Long Live EDDIE!!!