Eddie Basden with his best came yet

Basden finaly got some playin today and made it to full use. The the 14min that he played he managed to score 8 points and grab 5 boards and get a steal. He was praised by some off the bulls fans cause he got his hands dirty and managed to attack the rim like no other bull would.

Let hope this see’s him get more PT in upcoming games

GREAT NEWS!!! Eddie is the type of player that will get better with time in the NBA.

Check out the Sonics/Bulls highlight video on espn.com (the one NLNP mentioned in the shoutbox). Really nice spin move and reverse layup by Eddie.

The Bulls were +10 when Eddie entered the game. Before anyone calls geek on me, he played on continuous 15 minute stretch, so it was easy to figure out.

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I hate the game wasn’t on WGN, I have been trying to DVR the Bulls games that are on TV just in case Eddie gets any playing time.

Great job Eddie!!

Chicago will be back in Charlotte Friday, March 31. Maybe by then he will be playing more and have a more defined role.

Chicago will be back in Charlotte Friday, March 31. Maybe by then he will be playing more and have a more defined role.

I think in both high school and college, Eddie exceeded expectations every year. It’s no big surprise that he’s exceeding expectations in the NBA. I’m glad that Bulls fans realize they have something special.

This post came from basketballboards.net. I like his thinking!

This is OT, but I’ll post it here as we’re talking about end of the rotation guys and I’m not sure it deserves its own thread…does anyone else want to see some more of Eddie Basden?

It’s a little silly to draw statistical conclusions about a guy after he’s played a grand total of 107 NBA minutes, but Basden has been fairly productive when he’s gotten in. He’s scored 31 PTS, grabbed 20 boards and gotten 6 steals. Over 25 MPG that shakes out to 7.3 and 4.6 with 1.4 steals. Not amazing, but he’s just getting his feet wet. I’d like to see Basden get the lion’s share of Pargo’s minutes. Jannero could be a useful sparkplug on another team, but for us he’s totally redundant. I don’t see the benefit in pulling Gordon when he’s cold and putting in Pargo, I’d rather we either a) let Gordon shoot his way out of it or b) put in a guy who’s not just a poor man’s version of Ben. Basden at least has a different skill set, and from what I’ve seen adds some energy when he’s out there.