Eddie Biedenbach encounter

Was heading to Winston-Salem on I-40 this morning and stopped at the Davie County Rest Area and the UNCA basketball team was there too. Said hi to, and shook hands with the coach. I remember when he played at state. I was in NINER gear (as always) and told him we looked forward to their coming to Halton this year, as we departed. Told him we beat Charleston Southern last night too. ;D

I talked to him one night for about an hour and a half. What an incredibly nice man. It was fascinating hearing some of the war stories he has. The recruiting of the early 70’s NC State teams was really cool. Such a nice guy and so down to earth.

lol. Eddie Beidenbach…

I can still hear Scotty Olson yelling that name.

Anything 104 would need to know about Eddie Biedenbach?

^this guy here has had some legendary interactions with Eddie Biedenbach.