Eddie & Brendan


On the first page Eddie is listed as an Honorable mention All Glue Team guy.

The second page talks about how we are playing better now that we have more people scoring than just Plav. He also call out Plav’s free shooting…

[b]Plavich can devastate opponents with his range, but given that he only makes 56.8 percent of his free throws, I'd say he needs to practice shooting that shot more and the 26-footer less. [/b]

give the guy a break, he started off slow from the line but is finding his stroke now.

26 footer? It’s been a while since I saw a 26-footer from Plav. Now the 35, 40, and 50 footers…

Honorable mention? If we put him in a baby blue jersey I bet they call him BEST DEFENDER TO EVER LIVE!!!

Eddie as honorable mention? That really is a slap in the face. I’d wager that half the players in the country would love to have just ONE of his stat lines. He also actually plays defense which seems to marvel sportswriters these days. Levy and Manuel are such overrated flops, just because they get to play on the same teams as the great ACC basketball gods dosen’t make them more important. I think levy’s and Manuel’s stats have actually gone down from last year and neither one of them has expanded their game. Manuel it’s defense and steals and dunks, his offense has never got better he just stopped shooting, much like levy. Basden was much the same, but he developed his shot and ballhandling to become a complete player. Give credit where credit is due, not where it’s bought by alumni giving.