Eddie ranked #8


Wow, I have never seen that before, but that’s awesome! I saw on espn.com a listing of top contenders for player of the year and he wasn’t even on there. That’s ridiculuos, it is very obvious that it should be either him of Garcia. Without a doubt!

Withers is at 58 for forwards and Iti is at 72 for centers. Everyone else is up in the 200’s.

anybody notice who no. 14 is? Forgetting all the team issues he brought, he could have been special here.

I think that Grier would not have been scoring as much, what else does minnesota have? Overall I find these rankings to be pretty accurate, except for JJ Redick being #1, one dimensional shooter, serviceable driver. Also, if you think Brad Buckman (texas forward) is better than Curtis then you obviously don’t watch much basketball.

Maybe I missed something, but when did Eddie became a guard???

There is no way there are 57 better forward than Wither. They have Q. Greer as 37 and we all saw that is incorrect.

I am so pissed at Iti’s ranking! He should not be #72. What are they thinking? He should be in like the 150 range period! :lol:

Holy $#@ there are 48 centers rated worse than Iti ? :o

[b]Holy $#@ there are 48 centers rated worse than Iti ?[/b]

Damn hard to believe. Get a job.

I say we start Martin at point guard vs. Tulane…for the element of surprise. While they’re doubled over laughing we’ll score at least 8-10 points!!!

Eddie is definitely the best rebounder in that group. Do not forget he has to compete with Withers for those rebounds. Add steals and he has to get some play for some national awards.

Yeah, it is strange to see Eddie listed as a guard when he is always our SF. Also, what is up with rating players without counting steals? I have not seen an explanation yet for that. Anyone?

Eddie plays like a SG. He would likely be a SG at most schools, and if he goes pro that would be his position.

According to that Sportsline formula, here is how the end of year superlatives would pan out.

Player of the Year: Eddie Basden
Freshman of the Year: Washington, Jr. (Memphis)

1st Team
G Deiner (Marquette)
F Garcia (Louisville)
F Basden (Charlotte)
F Hicks (Cincinnati)
F Greer (DePaul)

2nd Team
G Owens (Houston)
F Withers (Charlotte)
F Maxiel (Cincinnati)
F Leather (South Florida)
C Badiane (East Carolina)

3rd Team
G Taylor (UAB)
G Cook (East Carolina)
G Washington, Jr. (Memphis)
F Carney (Memphis)
F Rouse (East Carolina)

I wonder how close this will be. I don’t see ECU getting 3 in there. Also, these rankings wouldn’t help with a defensive team. I fear Deiner might now get POY. There’s All-America talk for that little bastard, and C-USA might treat POY like a lifetime acheivement award.

Damn this flu! I can’t sleep!

2nd Team