Electric cars - How quick will mainstream adopt?


CNET: VW investing $800M to build electric cars in Tennessee from 2022.


I think this will help VW with their emission fine issues going forward unless they misrepresent their range.


How about Tesla bleeding $billions in losses every year, getting snubbed by the Saudi ‘s on the verge of bankruptcy, before ultimately selling out to China so that they can steal Tesla’s tech? I can’t wait for this Frontline episode


Oh look an Elon Musk hater. How original.

I really DGAF.


Doesn’t Tesla have open patents? They aren’t hiding anything.


The 71-year-old admitted that he is not a fan of electric vehicles, but he wanted to give his “honest opinion about how the Taycan handles.”

Porsche gave him a black-camouflaged Taycan prototype and he set out on the roads near the Porsche development centre in Weissach.

The company says that the camera team had difficulties keeping up with him in their Cayenne.

When they caught up, Röhrl appeared to have changed his mind when it comes to electric vehicles or at least this particular electric vehicle:

“It’s crazy. In all my years of rallying, I’ve never experienced such performance. The Taycan goes so well at such speed, really tremendous.”


I don’t hate him, but that is the situation as I see it. Show me their profits. I cannot understand how anyone would invest in that company when you look at the years upon years of losses. Toyota can make more profit than Tesla has in its lifetime in one year, selling Tacomas alone. I might be off some, but probably not too far. God, I really hope I am wrong.


A dude likes an $85,000 Porsche? No way!


I’m not going to defend Elon. I just think it’s even more ridiculous to despise what he is trying to do than it is to unquestionably fanboy him. I will say that it is important for our society to have people who push for progress. But I won’t blank check them. As for his business model - :shrug: I doubt I’ll ever buy a Tesla. The future is stuff like that Kona or the VW models, or any of the ones Honda, Toyota, or the American makes will come out with. And he’s directly responsible for pushing them to market. For that I’d thank him.


The Taycan is a high end performance car. I appreciate one more aspect of that car , and it’s this: it allows Volkswagen Auto Group (VW, Audi, Porsche, and hell don’t they even own Lamborghini now too?) to bilk rich dudes of their money for their R&D costs for tech that eventually gets included in their “people’s car” models.

That is as opposed to the Pharm industry that likes to stick their costs with the little guy.

Rock on, Porsche Taycan.


Autoblog: Electric Ford F-150 is in the works - Autoblog.


CNBC: Nissan challenges Tesla in massive shift to electric with ‘complete reinterpretation’ of the car.

While the Nissan brand will continue to market conventionally powered gas and diesel models for the foreseeable future, the Infiniti division is planning an even more aggressive transformation, said Christian Meunier, the recently named CEO of the Infiniti brand, which is based in Hong Kong.

Starting in 2021, all products will be electrified, he said in an interview. In the case of Infiniti, that will mean both battery-electric vehicles and what are known as serial plug-in hybrids. These have range-extending gas engines on board, but if they fire up they only serve as generators, sending power to the electric motors that actually drive the wheels.

“It will take about two to three years” to phase out conventional drivetrains, Meunier estimated.


The change will be rapid. As production lines scale, costs will plummet.

I think the success of the model 3 has kicked other companies into high gear. By 2025 i expect 20-25% of all cars sold in the us (and higher in europe and China) to be electric. That’s not including commercial vehicles.


When will NeckCar have a rechargeable series? I would like to see them compete on a road course like they used them do with Iroc Series. Moonshine


Will this mean gasoline prices plummet?


Nascar is an interesting subject. Nothing states the power of fossil fuel in front of so many people as 34,000 hp screaming by you at the Charlotte motor speedway, or other tracks. What has me wondering is, what would 40! electric racing cars sound like?


A beehive.



Sounds like star wars conbined with kiddie cars