Electric cars - How quick will mainstream adopt?


There will not be a single answer, just like there isn’t one now. I don’t think we will ever have any source as universal as fossil fuels either. But I do think we need to focus on renewables to cover as much of the energy needs as possible. A couple of European countries have done some amazing things generating near self sufficiency from renewables.

Okay, I should stay on topic too. The good news about these questions is that they need solving, and this shift is going to create a lot more jobs, which I think we all want.


clt has serious concerns about your average driver having a car that can go 0-60 in less than 5 secs


That’s a pretty damn good point CLT


Apparently, we only have 12 more years to figure this crap out. The sky is always falling for every generation.


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Spent fuel is the least amount of waste produced. I worked in a couple of nuclear facilities in Taiwan. Everything that gets exposed must be stored and contained. This is tools, clothing, etc. Even at small doses everything is put in a drum and stored behind 3 feet of concrete. Nothing is allowed out.


Right but for ten thousand years. Its impossible to even calculate the cost of that and equally impossible to guarantee its safety all those years.

I’m pro nuclear but the waste is a hugely important issue that there still is not a good solution for.


Superman will take it all to the sun and with the missiles too… I saw a documentary about it.


I’ll say this: based on those five minutes of highlights alone, that was a far better race than anything F1 has put on at Monaco in years.



How much energy useage has this internet chat page caused? What’s the chatbox carbon footprint?

The nuke plant hit by to tsunami in Japan and Chernoble are terrifying.


clt loves the tech in a Tesla, but the design is just off.

The vw concepts look more better


I think the model s is a sexy car. The x I’m not a huge fan of and the 3 looks good from the back but im not a big fan of the front end.


Aero is a huge driver in the designs. Those who want a different look will need to compensate with battery.


I have always wondered if the back doors on the X would have an issue with an opened garage door above them. Obviously everybody would have to measure for their own situation, but it just looks problematic.


The doors have sensors to open to the appropriate level.

The x wing doors are stupid IMO. I view them as a marketing gimmick, hopefully they’ll remove them in future iterations. It just adds unnecessary expense to an already expensive vehicle.


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Forbes: The 4 Lingering Obstacles To Electric Vehicle Adoption (And What Might Overcome Them).


I haven’t read this whole thread. Does anyone know if the tax credits will expire after this year? I’m considering buying a plug-in hybrid.


My understanding is that certain manufacturers have nearly exhausted theirs (Tesla). For the makes coming online with new mass produced EVs, they still have the bulk of their credits left.

Personally, I hope we scale the program up like Norway, where 30% of new car sales are now EVs.