Electric cars - How quick will mainstream adopt?


The government giving tax discounts for people not to pay a gas tax seems a bit one-sided. Where will the road money come from? Will they end up taxing gasoline drivers through gasoline and through whatever new tax scheme is created? These questions will need answers if we approach 30% EV sales.


While I agree with your gas tax issue, the purchase motivation is in the $7500 federal tax credit. Not gas taxes (though that’s another perk for now).



Electrify America - the company VW is partnering with for a fast charging network, had to shut down their network for cable safety issues. There will be growing pains.



If Hyundai can build and sell an EV SUV with 258 miles of range for $36,000, that makes Musk look pretty bad IMO, unless they’re just selling these at a loss initially to gain market share.


They have production efficiency, economies of scale, and a cheaper labor force.

Musk has already had one victory with Tesla that cannot be denied: he pushed a sluggish industry towards the future. It’s probably my favorite thing about him.


clt is not paying over 30 for a rebadged Kia, electric or not


Only a concept but still cool…


Sounds so great. Manual transmission would be my choice. I don’t like to drive, I love to drive.


Not a huge fan of the toyobeemer, mainly cause I loved the mid 90s one so much. This car is a Toyota in name only.


Manual is fun is the country, but its miserable for city driving.


In my opinion, in an electric car world, odometers will be metered remotely and coupled with GPS, “gas taxes” will be assessed by usage.


Don’t follow leaders who watch your parking meters. I wish NC would refund all the gas taxes that were illegally tranferred to other government programs instead of funding transportation infrastructure. I have a hard time complaining about BMW being involved with the new Toyota Supra. I am shocked by it, but its kind of like complaining about the cheekbones and trustfund of a victoria secrets model.


clt says the new Supra needs a wing on the trunk


I can see the gps data being used too and i don’t for one second like the idea that govt is tracking my movements.


I’d have to agree with NWA.

Why not just limit it to odometer only and you pay to the state you live in?


Have it recorded annually during inspection. Easy peasy.


I am thinking that when you buy the electric car it gets registered at home and you pay some sort of usage tax on the energy bill and then the same rate is applied if you charge up elsewhere.


I know its not electric, but your point about BMW helped me find this nice video on the Supra. It emphasizes Toyota’s intense commitment to reliability, such as testing components to failure and relentlessly studying those failures so that improvements can be designed. It says alot about Toyota that their reliability focus even suprised the meticulous German BMW. I have heard similar stories from a former American Honda Engineer, about how the smallest issues would cause Honda to stop production until each car rolled off the line with identical “perfection”.

That will likely be the biggest challenges for electric cars. Its one thing to design a great car. Its much harder to manufacture thousands of new car models with technologies that haven’t really been perfected, from the longterm study of unanticipated product failures.