Electric cars - How quick will mainstream adopt?


Not an electric car but i could see these uptown.


Forbes: Meet R.J. Scaringe, Founder Of Rivian Automotive—And Tesla’s Worst Nightmare.


Cool story. I dont love the look of the suv but its not horrible. I like it better than the model x honestly. I hope they succeed.


As weird as it is given my criticism of the electric cars taking away the rawness of driving, the electric motorcycle has me curious. I don’t think it’s necessary from an environment friendly point of view as motorcycles are already very friendly to environment, but the performance translation on a motorcycle is impressive and because on a bike you are already out in the elements and stradling the power plant I don’t think it will take much away from the visceral experience of riding. Can’t really hear my bikes over wind noise anyway.


the electric bikes look both amazing and like death traps. So much performance and so ridiculously accessible. A big fast bike was more imposing. We are gonna get inexperienced clowns who don’t respect the machines (like a real rider would) trying to ride these things. I predict a surge in ER visits from newbies who don’t respect the power.


Probably but those idiots are already buying them. I mean my big bike isn’t even a balls to the wall sport bike and to run with me you need a dancing horse or bull on the hood.

I’m more excited about dropping weight.


I feel like range is a bigger issue for motorcycles than cars. A lot of people with bikes just go for casual rides when the weather is nice. Often through rural areas where charging probably isnt going to be very likely to be accessible.


For the weekenders maybe, for the hardcore motorcyclists they are riding all the time and unlike cars they are already limited to 100-120 miles a tank. They are actually more conditioned to be looking for refueling than car drivers. I get what you are saying though about some rural areas not having charging stations.


I am not a motorcycle rider, but I always thought your butt might be more of a limiting factor than the gas tank. I am sure some of the touring bikes are pretty comfortable, but getting off and walking around every couple of hours while you refuel seems like a plus.


clt says you cannot take a high speed train to Europe. Gonna need planes.


2 hours in the saddle is about max for most. Some bike are more comfortable than others. I ride to Birmingham nearly every year and its a haul, not to mention going through atlanta is nerve racking.


I can only imagine, but as a fellow MGB owner I know what that feels like on the interstate, and I would wet myself on a motorcycle.


Yeah compared to motorcycle the MG is like a Mack truck. Speaking of I now have 2 - my 72 B and my dads 69 b gt. Buying a lift this spring to facilitate easier maintenance.


I like the Rivian SUV over the Model X. The X is too crossover looking.


I have become a fan of the GT. I like the weather-proofness and the taller windshield. I have driven my friend’s V8 GT, and I really like that.


CNBC: Tesla’s electric vehicle dominance is about to have ‘serious competition,’ Morgan Stanley says.


It’s going to be interesting with all the upstarts clashing against the big boys. I honestly think it’s going to be tough for any upstart to compete once GM, VW, Ford, etc. really put their collective muscle behind EV. I checked Rivian’s stock status, still private. I wouldn’t expect them to explode in growth in the same way Tesla has from a value perspective since they don’t have the head start.


@NinerWupAss I know you said not hearing your own bike isn’t an issue because you can’t hear an ICE-powered one, but seems to me one of the important features for bikes is to have other people hear them, moreso than passenger vehicles.


Most of the sound on a motorcycle is behind the bike anyway. If it’s super loud then you can hear it maybe but those bikes aren’t running street legal exhausts.


I see these guys currently attracting two different types of consumers with their vehicles. Tesla with cars and a small SUV and Rivian with a large SUV and pickup. If Tesla does release a pickup truck then maybe they would be competitors. These companies are still really competing against consumer confidence in the technology.