Electric cars - How quick will mainstream adopt?


Here is a sexy car that I saw a while back that some of you may not have seen.


I’ll take one.


I agree it will spell the end of gear heads like you and I. Classics will forever be around, but those who want to own and tinker with them will fade with each generation. Im doing my best to ensure my son appreciates it and hopefully his son or daughter will too.

That said, my fear isn’t that no one will have interest, it’s that those who do, like my son hopefully, will be shamed for having any interest or sentimentality to a gas powered car due to social/environmental views.


That SUV is sweet. If they can figure out the charging network I could see buying this in 2021/22 for sure.


Also worth saying my gas powered motorcycle is more environmentally friendly than all these electric cars.


Never say never, but I say never!


But a Normcycle would not be nearly as much fun for tailgates as an electric Normbulance. Would be hell to carry both the grill and the cooler.


List of all the new or updated electric cars for 2019. There are more than you realize, including most of the German lux makes, an e-mini, the aforementioned Kia Niro, and the Leaf is nearly doubling its battery to give it over 200 miles of range.

I do agree with one of the comments - 2020 is going to be the first mainstream year (“tsunami”)


clt says this guy will not go electric




Electrek: Hyundai and Kia unveil new electric vehicle wireless charging system with autonomous parking.


This is so badass. I want that Porsche… Or maybe the Ferrari.

Nah, the Porsche. Definitely.


It’s awesome only if they are taking cars that can’t be repaired and doing this. Taking a perfectly working Porsche or any classic car and gutting it to do this is a sin of the highest order. If it’s some bucket that is trashed and the motor is beyond hope then ok.


If you watch the video, they talk about working on cars that are busted or near it. It’s one of the first things they say.

"We have customers that have a car that may have been sitting for a number of years… "


Sitting for a number of years doesn’t mean not fixable.

My MG has been sitting for 5 years but I’ll be damned if I would even consider doing this. I just think it’s an affront to the vehicle and true fans of that brand.

Now if they wanna take one that has been gutted or something? Fine have at it.


depends on rules and regulations. since CA has fairly strict emissions standards, incentives for EV, ridiculous traffic, adoption to EV was early/often. 10 years ago, there was a crap ton of hybrids, now there are a ton of EVs including Teslas. Teslas (before model 3s) are as mainstream here as any other luxury vehicle.


Saw this yesterday…


Electrek: INFINITI unveils the design of its first all-electric SUV ahead of debut.


This would be cool.


Cool in theory but we need improvement in wireless charging efficiency. There would be a lot of energy waste.