Electric cars - How quick will mainstream adopt?


Jalopnik: This Electric-Converted Porsche Speedster is the Perfect Way to Modernize a Classic.


Gattaca, one of my favorite movies, predicted this retro electric craze in the mid 90s. I remember thinking “yes” back then. It made perfect sense. Bringing back classic automotive styles with modern electric drive (all the cars in that movie were electric)


clt is glad there is another jalop on this chat page


I just wanna say again that the Porsche 356 they converted, kit car or not, is pure sex. Holy crap do I want one.




The original only had 90 horsepower. So James Dean cool or not, it’d struggle in modern traffic. Put a 200 hp electric motor in that thing and it becomes an absolute beast based upon power to weight ratio. I’d probably also put modern suspension and brakes on it.

Just pure sex at that point.


The bad thing about older Porsche’s is that they are not large enough for people 6’4 or taller. My buddy had a 944 and I felt like a sardine is his.


“there is no product. There is only sex. Everything is sex,” …says clt


It isn’t just the Porsches… Neighbor has a classic TBird and his head sticks over the windshield. All those old coupes and convertibles were tiny.

Also, finally a reason to be happy I am not tall.


Tesla officially broke ground on the gigafactory in Shanghai today.


Buddy just bought a BMW i3 and everything I said was on display with that vehicle. After driving it I’d say: Amazing performance, comfortable to drive, stylish and all around fine car to drive. And it had no soul, felt very utilitarian which is where I think we are going with transit. It would get me from point A to point B just fine and I would neither enjoy it or hate it - it would just be. Driving it around I just thought might as well get to the full self driving aspect of this because at this point I have no emotional connection to the driving experience.


But that is a commuter / city car at heart.

I am a Top Gear junkie. I love fast cars. I get where you are coming from. But serious question - what if you were to drive a performance electric car? Would it still have no soul if it ripped off the line at speeds that gave you an instant facelift, and cornered like a champ due to a low center of gravity?

They even make them with ambient engine noise, which is also a safety feature (for pedestrians). I’m not saying it’s a perfect tradeoff, but I’d like to see a 30 second clip of you tooling around in a performance electric car.

I wanna see Top Gear or some other “petrolheads” driving that Porsche Taycan. They had already driven the jaguar and liked it. And Clarkson even loved the electric Mercedes beast, though that one ate its batteries up too quick (that was a few years ago though).

And to a point that you are not directly making, there will definitely be a market for the equivalent of electric pony cars - affordable speed, in the spirit of the original mustang, etc - they will probable have minimal features to keep costs down, but enough performance to put a cocky grin on a 20 year olds face when he pulls up next to you at a light.

Also, I am big on how this conversion might free up styling, as I have alluded to earlier. I wanna see us go back to making some crazy coach / body designs that bring back memories of the golden age of auto design.


Ive never had an emotional connection to driving and i despise cars and motorcycles that make a lot of noise so electric car takeover cant happen fast enough for me.


A performance electric car? That is kinda the point, all the new electric cars are going to have really amazing performance regardless of model. The 0-45 launch and torque on that little BMW i3 puts most gas performance vehicles to shame. Hell 0-30 its the fastest model BMW makes.

What’s the point for a electric pony car when the i3 does 0-30 in like 2.5 seconds, nearly as fast as a model S. I think that is kinda my point. The electric car is going to make various models pointless The grocery getter/people mover does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, what’s a “performance” model going to do? You still have to hook up the rubber to the road.

What I see is electric cars combined with more people with NN’s thinking - we will get just a bunch of quiet cars that all have near identical performance and minimal opportunities to even modify it. The car will officially become just a tool to move people vs. an extension of a person’s being. Sure there may be different types but the reality is the technology combined with a shift in perception of a car will yield a very different field than what we have seen for the last 75 years.

I am in no way pooping on the electric car. I total get why this is happening and I can’t say it’s even the wrong direction. It is just a shift in how the car is viewed and used. I am sure I will buy one at some point. I actually will probably buy an electric bike at some point.

With that said it makes my love of my MG and Harley and Triumph even deeper. Getting under them and working on them, pulling pistons out, changing cam’s and carbs. Thats the soul of a vehicle.


clt is concerned for the muffler companies


Jalopnik: An Electric-Swapped Honda S2000 Is Delicious Blasphemy.

He and his electric car-oriented shop weren’t going to use that well-loved F22C1 engine, so it didn’t matter that it wasn’t running right. Besides, there’s a good chance that its parts lived on to keep another S2000 alive, as the crew removed and resold anything they weren’t using in the EV build, including the S2000’s original engine, transmission, rear axle and subframe, plus some other odds and ends.

André’s finished car puts down 636 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque—nearly three times what the stock combustion engine made.

An S2000 with 636 HP. I’d say that qualifies as a sports car.


Let’s see an electric Normbulance!!!


Haha you realize the batteries required to lug the beast around? I’d have a 20 mile range!


Mrs. ZL and I went a little crazy at the dealership a few weeks ago. We sold our huge, unnecessary F-350 and traded in our CR-V and Civic.

We needed something that could carry two adults, two kids, two dogs, and everything those six would need for road trips. A Highlander Hybrid was the most fuel-efficient option in our price range that wasn’t a minivan.

We also needed something that could handle the light truck duties that our F-350 did. I got a Tacoma, which is much more in line with what we need a truck for.

In this, I kind of see where both ends of the EV spectrum are coming from. For the Highlander, I’d love to have a totally electric vehicle, but nothing exists that really covers our needs at this time. Despite the finishes and options, it’s a utilitarian vehicle for us. We have needs, this checks the largest number of boxes. I wouldn’t care if it was “soulless” to drive. Hell, it feels pretty soulless as it is… but that isn’t the point.

My Taco, on the other hand, is a passion vehicle. I’ve always loved small trucks. In high school, college, and beyond, that’s what I wanted. This is pretty much my dream vehicle. As much as I’d love some type of hybrid system to boost my fuel economy, I love popping the hood and seeing that I’ve got an engine that I can work on in an engine bay that I have room to work in. Tacoma drivers complain about their automatic transmission all the time, but I don’t mind it… it’s a quirky character flaw. I’ve got a laundry list of upgrades and mods for the coming years.

Overall, I’m okay with the electric future. I’m sure that by the time we’re ready to replace these vehicles, there will be worthy substitutes well within our price ranges. As much as I’ll enjoy turning wrenches on the Taco for the next ten years or so, I’ll be happy to move on to an electric truck when that time is over.


I just cant picture you driving an f350 lew.


I couldn’t either. We knew a truck would make life easier (it did) and got an opportunity to buy it that we couldn’t pass up.


While I totally agree, when I think about, it isn’t like we are already working towards the “what’s the point” mentality with smaller engines becoming more and more powerful.

I build race cars as a hobby, and this is something I encounter all the time. Amateur series are classed by weight to horsepower, so when you can build a V6 Mustang and it get lap times damn near that of a V8, but be classed lower and therefor more competitively, what’s the point in the V8?

Same goes for trucks. An F150 has an ecoboost 4-cyl engine that can tow the shit out of stuff, so what’s the point in a larger engine?

My point is we are already having “what’s the point” conversations about cars. As most have pointed out though, I’ve worked on cars my whole life and can’t imagine ever enjoying working on an EV. But maybe I’ll be wrong.