Electric cars - How quick will mainstream adopt?


We need a real competition, like horses vs the choo choo


Coming in the form of autonomous cars. Personal transit will look completely different by the end of my lifetime


Yup - for people that detest driving or who view driving as a unfortunate requirement this will be awesome. For others that enjoy the experience of driving this will suck.

While I truly enjoy driving (I cant stand that getting manuals is a thing of the past), I will enjoy the ability to drink and have the car simply take me home.


I think it’ll be both. I still have a pure passion vehicle and also would be fine having self driving cars take me home.


What makes the most sense is that we will be flying far more than we will be driving


clt is not excited about a more crowded airspace


Electrek: GM is making the right move by focusing Cadillac brand on electric, but it should go even further.


So let’s take the overpriced Chevy and make it more expensive. I am not a fan of the Cadillac brand.


The Express Tribune: Corporate investors pile into electric vehicle startups.



This is all academic as we will ever rarely leave our homes in the future for anything.


Someone watched Ready Player One this weekend

I suspect some combination of Minority Report and Gattaca is more likely.


and Wall-E


On 60 Minutes last night venture capitalist, and guru of Artificial Intelligence, Kai-Fu Lee said that AI would be the biggest thing to happen to the world in human history…bigger than electricity. He said that 40% of all jobs done by people would disappear and be done by AI in the next two decades. So never leaving the house may be true for many.


Armed revolts and revolutions should increase significantly though.


Most likely, revolutions would be people vs. droids.

The odds are increasingly in the powers’ favor on that.


Let’s keep this thread on topic fellas :slight_smile:


They can mount gatling laser guns on the roof of autonomous electric cars.

The people are really screwed.


Kai-Fu Lee used truck drivers as his example of one class of jobs that will be gone. I bet some of those trucks will be electric.


Electric cars are Satan’s tools, right?