Eric Henry at the CUSA football mediadays

Some of you might follow @ericchenry on twitter. He is the FIU beat writer for sb nation’s site underdog dynasty and wrote the recent top 50 players in CUSA (he has us with three in the top 10).
He knows his stuff and has been very Niner friendly. We’ve had twitter discussion since last season and I find him to be receptive to other opinions while making valid points when agreements aren’t necessarily going to happen.
Anyway, he reached out to me on twitter to let me know he is covering the east side of the conference next week at CUSA’s media days. He asked me to ask the board if we had any questions for him to ask Coach or Benny or Alex next to week to let him know.
This is a great opportunity to get some information on how the team is going and what we can expect.
Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be by here at some point, but if you have any questions, leave them here or hit him up on twitter.


clt says coach heals will OWN media days

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Do they anticipate any last minute transfers signing with the Niners?

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How quickly do you anticipate being able to name a starting QB?

Will you run a two QB system?

What is your redshirt philosophy?

In what areas would you like to see the most improvement from the Spring?

Ok I’ll stop haha.

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Is coach’s goal for the season/message to the team to bowl this year? …improve on last years record? …win the conference?

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Hey everyone,

Like I mentioned to @Tintin, not sure who the Observer is sending or if they’re just going to use a stringer. I’m covering the East division for SBNation/UDD.

Everything listed is definitely doable. I’ll be tweeting from our site’s page and I’ll share the Q&A here.

One of the things I’ve heard on Twitter & here is Brad Lambert’s lack of recruiting Charlotte and how that should change.

Would a question on his recruiting philosophy be of interest to anyone?


I can tell you the observer won’t send anyone. Lol.

The biggest questions for us leading into the season will be QB and OL. Since Kean hasn’t been here long, probably not something they can answer.


Being based in Tampa, I had a chance to see a lot of Kean at USF. He got a raw deal last year with the will he or won’t he be eligible last year.

By the time it was cleared up, the QB competition was pretty much decided. If he beats out Reynolds, I think he’ll open some eyes.


clt bets the observer isn’t aware that we have a new coach.

This is a good topic. There definitely is a change in philosophy, and I would like to hear (read) Healy comment on this.

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I don’t have a quote off-hand, but Healy has certainly spoken to this previously. every coach has a list of HS within 60 miles or so of Charlotte and they are to be there as often as possible.

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I currently don’t blame the o for inadequate coverage like I don’t blame someone in a Hospice bed for not cleaning their room or picking up their clothes.

Right, but if Eric writes about this on his website it will be more broadly read than us talking about it here. HS coaches will probably be interested–and hopefully happy–to know that Charlotte wants to be closely engaged with them.


The knock on Lambert was he would spend more time recruiting some kid in Georgia over talented kids in his own backyard. One of the priorities in our coaching search was to hire a coach that would build better relationships with local high schools.

Biggest things he emphasized were someone having to step up and win the job. IMO, it sounded like Reynolds has the edge. He ruled out playing multiple QBs because of how similar each is.

As far as the offensive line, he is really high on Clark and thinks that be the end of the season, they’ll be as solid he believes they were last year.


Biggest message he’s sending to the team is having fun. (His words). Both Benny and Highsmith went out of their way to say how much fun football is under Healy. As far as wins and losses, he thinks they can be a bowl team immediately.


He wouldn’t rule anything out, but he didn’t anticipate any.


@MeEHenry15 appreciate the info!


If we get one, I think it’d be of the sit and play variety…

We did just land a JUCO DT that is now on campus, Demond Stewart. That’s probably the latest addition we’ll have for 2019.

I am glad the team wants to have fun, because that is what the fans want too. We spell fun: WINS!

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